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Guttapusalu Blouse Designs!

Jewel inspired maggam work guttapusalu blouse designs give elegant look when paired with silk sarees as well as fancy plain sarees. These blouse designs...
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Stylish Blouse Designs To Go With Soft Silk Sarees

Soft silk sarees are a rage because they are super comfortable and look grand at the same time. They are easy to wear and...
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Six Fabulous Blouse Ideas for a Net Saree!

Net saree is a very sensuous and graceful saree to wear at various festive occasions. It is not as plain as a chiffon saree...
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8 Ultra-Modern Blouse Designs To Go With Your Traditional Sarees!

How long can you wear your traditional sarees with the same old sarees? You have to pep up the look by opting for much...
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5 Blouse Ideas to Pep up Your Plain Cotton Saree Looks!

Ever skipped wearing a plain cotton saree just because it was too plain? This blog post is especially for those who give up on...