Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends
how to wear saree to look slim for fat women

6 Easy Tips To Look Slim In A Saree!!

It is said that Saree is a universally flattering outfit. But it totally depends on how you are wearing it!! You need to follow...
aactress bindi with saree

6 Bindi Designs You Must Try This Year!

Among the Solah Shringaars of women, Bindi holds the first place. In line with Manusmriti scriptures; the ritual of wearing a Red Bindi by...
bridal mehndi designs for legs and feet

30 Mind Blowing Leg And Foot Mehndi Designs For 2019 Brides

If you are here reading this post,  you are either a soon to be bride yourself or are a friend, mother or sister of...
customized indian bridal wear

Personalized Bridal Outfits – The HOTTEST New Wedding Trend!

The Ambani wedding fever is certainly forcing us to remain stick to our mobile phones and computers nowadays. Continuing with the ritual, our next...

Pastel Colors For A Summer Wedding To Look Brighter Than A Sunshine!

Doesn’t matter if you are the bride, bridesmaid or an attendee, a wedding doesn’t invariably need to have red or pink in it. Pastels...