16 Hand-Painted blouses that are magnificent in every way!

A hand-painted blouse is known to raise the fashion quotient irrespective of the designs it boasts. These beauties are crafted either in silk or cotton blouse and can make a wonderful bridal blouse choice. A hand-painted saree blouse combo is just perfect for a temple visit or a festival. but buying hand-painted online blouses can be a feat in itself. Designer Sayanti Ghosh is someone who has mastered the technique of crafting hand-painted designs and her pieces are a rage among the public already.

Handpainted blouse collections-Sayanti ghosh

Here are 16 of her exclusive blouse pieces from the hand-painted collection-

  1. Apu-Durga Hand-painted blouse-

Apu Durga hand painted-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Apu Durga hand painted-Sayanti Ghosh-2

2. Bansuri Wala Krishna blouse-



Bansuri wala krishna-Hnad painted-Sayanti Ghosh-2

3. Makhan-chor Kanha blouse with heron saree-

Makhan chor Krishna-Handpainted -Sayanti Ghosh-1


Makhan chor Krishna-Handpainted -Sayanti Ghosh-2


Makhan chor Krishna-Handpainted -Sayanti Ghosh-1

4. Radha-Krishna blouse

Radha Krishna hand painted saree-Sayanti ghosh-1


Radha Krishna hand painted saree-Sayanti ghosh-1

5. Dhanteras Lord Ganesha blouse

Dhanteras hand painted blouse- sayanti Ghosh


Dhanteras hand painted blouse- sayanti Ghosh-2

6. Saptami Day Ritual blouse

Saptami hand-painted blouse-Saayanti Ghosh-1


Saptami hand-painted blouse-Saayanti Ghosh-1

7. Soshti Day Ritual Blouse 

Shosti hand painted blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1Shosti hand painted blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

8. Dashami day Ritual blouse 

Dashami hand painted blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1


Dashami hand painted blouse-Sayanti ghosh-2

9. Maroon Batik painted blouse-saree-

batik painted maroon blouse with yellow saree

batik painted maroon blouse with yellow saree-1

10. Batik painted Bougainvillea blouse-saree

Batik painted boungainvillea blouse-Sayanti ghosh-2


Batik painted boungainvillea blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1


Batik painted boungainvillea blouse-Sayanti ghosh

11. Batik painted yellow-flowered blouse 

Batik apainted yellow floral blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

Batik apainted yellow floral blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1Batik apainted yellow floral blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-2

12. Batik Handpainted multicolour blouse

Batik handwoven multicolour blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

13. Calcutta themed blouse-

Handpainted calcutta theme blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-2

Handpainted calcutta theme blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Hnadpainted calcutta theme blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

14.Handpainted kingfisher Yellow blouse and peach saree-

Handpainted yellow blouse with kingfisher


Handpainted yellow blouse with kingfisher-2

15. Ram-Sita Vivah Madhubani blouse-saree-

madhubani ram sita vivah blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1


madhubani ram sita vivah blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

16. Blue Lord Vishnu painted blouse-

Aqua blue madhubani hand painted blouse-Sayanti ghosh

For inquiries contact:

Sayanti Ghosh Designer Studio 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sayantighoshdesignerstudio/

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