21 Simple modern blouse designs suitable for daily use!

People usually find wearing blouses boring when it is about daily use. Though there are many embroidered saree blouse designs to go for, those don’t suit the occasion we might have. Not only do they have to be simple blouse designs but also suitable for modern sarees. Well, the good news is we do have a collection of saree blouses that can certainly help you work your way. These include sleeveless blouses that are printed, tie-up blouses and shirt attires as well. Designed by Svastiv Studio, these include the latest blouse designs of 2022. Before the winter officially comes our way, we urge you to try them on for sure.readymade blouse design

Check out the simple modern blouse models below and see how you can style them-

1. Blue modern blouse design for a saree-

blue modern blouse design for blouse saree

2. Grey elbow-length sleeve blouse 

grey stylish blouse design


3. Ivory floral sleeveless blouse-

floral saree blouse design

4. Navy blue striped silk blouse-

blue simple blouse design

5. Silver plain blouse for sarees

grey latest blouse design

6. Red striped blouse with strappy sleeves-

deep neck red saree blouse

7. Yellow ruched-sleeved crop top-

yellow cute top blouse

8. Sky blue silk blouse with pearl details-

skyblue blouse model


9. Cream floral hand-painted blouse-

sleeveless floral crop top blouse


10. Pink transparent sleeve blouse design

pink open neck saree blouse

11. Red boat neck saree blouse with a plain body-


red plain blouse neck design

12. Lilac latest saree blouse design with no embellishments-

violet latest blouse design 2022


13. Yellow tie-dyed shirt blouse-

yellow tie dyed blouse for ladies

14. Traditional Sambalpuri cropped top-


traditional print blouse with ruched sleeves


15. Green chiffon plain blouse-

green saree blouse design 2022

16. Salmon pink pleated strappy sleeve blouse design-

salmon pink modern blouse design for plain sarees

17. Yellow closed-neck tulle blouse

yellow closed neck tulle blouse


18. Powder blue strappy sleeve blouse with floral motifs-

white strappy sleeve saree blouse

19. Red polka dot blouse with ruffle sleeves and V-neck-

chiffon ruffle sleeve simple saree blouse

20. Brown embroidered blouse with halter neck and tie up detailed hem-

modern tie up neck blouse in brown

21. Off-white printed blouse with crisis cross strappy sleeves and blue florals-

white floral blouse for simple saree

These blouses are surely one of a kind and can be accommodated into the everyday closet. Pair it up with plain sarees and make your saree every bit classy and stylish.

To buy the blouse design and more online, visit their Instagram- Svastiv Studio!

Contact:  Svastiv Studio  !

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