Blouse Designs For Pattu Sarees

blouse designs for pattu sarees

Maggam embroidered blouse designs for pattu sarees.

5 Stylish Details To Enhance Your Designer Blouses

Blouses needn’t always have to be grand with full of color and embroidery. Sometimes it’s okay to go simple with your blouses and add simple details to make a statement. Delicate adornments like motifs, buttons, tassels and such patterns look beautiful on saree blouses and are bold enough to make a statement. So today we bring you 5 simple yet stylish details to enhance your designer blouses.Blouse Designs Details

Heavy Tie Cords

Adorn your saree blouses with heavy tie-cords and grab all the attention with the details. They are super quick to add-on and are a statement element to your look. They also give

Latest Sheer Black Blouse Designs For Party Wear

Draping a saree is no longer restricted to being traditional or modest. With the right styling, any party or wedding reception can be overwhelmed with the glamorous look of sarees. It is super fun and easy to self style the stunning designer sarees with trendy blouses and glam up your desi look. Blouses play a major role in the appearance of the person wearing. This article is for all you glamorous divas who love to experiment with the timeless classic and trendy sheer black blouse designs.

Sheer black blouses make a perfect option for party wear and are the ideal choice for anyone who want to look trendy yet modest. So if you want to show a sneak peek of your skin and make heads turn with a modest blouse design, then these blouse designs are sure to help you achieve the look. Read more to know why a sheer black blouse is an ultimate party essential this season.

Black Sheer Blouses

Design your black blouses with a touch of lace and net on the black neck or sleeves.

5 Vintage Saree Blouse Designs For 2018 Weddings!

Simple yet stylish statements are what we all look for in an outfit. Every woman loves to leave her mark with her fashion sense and still be comfortable in her outfit. If the royal vintage is your style, then this article is sure to leave you inspired with these simple, trendy and easy to dress vintage saree blouse designs.

Vintage Style Saree Blouse

Vintage Saree Blouse Designs For 2018 Weddings: 

5 Reasons Why Brocade Blouses Are Here To Steal The Show

What makes a saree stand out from the crowd? Of course it is the drape, the embroidery, the style of the saree and so on. But what’s the game changer in a saree look? Undoubtedly, the saree blouse! The saree blouse can transform anyone’s personality and the entire saree look depends on the type of blouse that you choose to wear. In today’s fashion scene, there are endless saree blouse designs with numerous different ways to enhance them but sometimes even the most complicated patterns, embroidery and designs cannot compete with the classic brocade blouse. Read more to know why the brocade blouses are here to stay.

Brocade Blouses

1. Comfort