Trendy Blouse Patterns For Silk Sarees

When you are flaunting a saree look, a plain blouse wouldn’t add enough glam to it. Pairing up your silk saree with a glamorous designer blouse will compliment the look. With the weddings and festive season around, it’s time to pull out our silk sarees and pair them up with stylish blouse designs. However, it is not always necessary to wear your silk sarees with embroidery blouses. You can also experiment them with stylish and trendy patterns. Silk sarees with pattern blouses look dressy enough and also add a glamorous touch to your saree look. So today we bring you trendy blouse patterns for silk sarees and different styles to experiment with.

Silk Saree Pattern Blouses

Enhance your silk saree blouses with patchwork blouse designs or simply add a statement

5 Reasons Why Brocade Blouses Are Here To Steal The Show

What makes a saree stand out from the crowd? Of course it is the drape, the embroidery, the style of the saree and so on. But what’s the game changer in a saree look? Undoubtedly, the saree blouse! The saree blouse can transform anyone’s personality and the entire saree look depends on the type of blouse that you choose to wear. In today’s fashion scene, there are endless saree blouse designs with numerous different ways to enhance them but sometimes even the most complicated patterns, embroidery and designs cannot compete with the classic brocade blouse. Read more to know why the brocade blouses are here to stay.

Brocade Blouses

1. Comfort

Yellow Embroidered Blouse Designs For Auspicious Occasions

The classic mustard yellow is the new color trend of the moment. Indian weddings and festivities are full of color galore and the vibrant hues are everywhere. From the colorful decor to the outfits, the traditional colors like red, yellow and green are very auspicious. Keeping the evergreen color trend as today’s topic, we have come up with some stunning yellow mustard embroidery blouse designs for the traditional occasions. Be it weddings or parties or festivities, mustard yellow is very versatile and a statement color to leave an impression. Read more to know why yellow embroidered blouse designs are a definite must have this season.

Yellow Embroidered Blouse Designs

Surprisingly, the yellow saree blouses match with almost every other color. From blue,

30 Latest Saree Blouse Patterns For 2018

There are so many captivating saree blouse patterns, each unique for different kinds of sarees. From the whole set of these blouse designs we bring to you 30 exciting saree blouse patterns that you can wear with silk sarees, designer sarees or even fusion sarees. Check out the list for more inspiration on it.

latest saree blouse patterns 2018

30 Latest Saree Blouse Patterns For 2018

1. High Neck Embellished Blouse With Net Sleeves

15 Gorgeous Bridal Blouse Ideas With Borders And Heavy Embroidery

When we sit to design our bridal blouse, there are certain thumb rules we follow. We either use the heavy border of pattu sarees and shun from embroidery or vice versa. How about using both the borders and embroidery and creating one of a kind bridal blouse? These gorgeous blouses are not just perfect as a bridal blouse but you can sport them for any grand function.

bridal blouse designs
Bridal Blouse Designs
  1. This heavy bridal blouse design is by Bhargavi Kunam. Though the blouse is paired with a pattu saree care is taken not to take out the border. Instead heavy embroidery is made all over the blouse and a thick cord is added above and below the border.