37 Bridal blouses that are just perfect for both modern and traditional brides!

Like most of the wedding customs, a Bengali wedding also consists of several rituals that take place over a number of days. Therefore, bridal blouses are always in demand and are specially curated to suit every occasion. While the hunt for the latest bridal blouse designs is unending, we can direct you to the right place to buy them online.

Bridal collection-featured-Sayanti Ghosh

If you are looking for some wonderful options to chose from, we suggest you take a look at these 37 bridal blouse designs by Sayanti Ghosh Designer Studio. 

For the traditional bride-

1.Topur Mukut Embroidered Blouse-

red topor mukut blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

red topor mukut blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

2. White wedding elemental blouse-

Wedding theme saree-white-sayanti Ghosh-1

Wedding theme saree-white-sayanti Ghosh3. Tissue silk Topur-Mukut blouse-

Red wedding blouse-Topur mukut-Sayanti Ghosh

Red wedding blouse-Topur mukut-Sayanti Ghosh-1


4. Madhubani Wedding Ritual Beige saree-

Wedding art blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-2


Wedding art blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

5.Red embroidered Mala Badal blouse-

Mala badal art blouse-sayanti ghosh-1

Mala badal art blouse-sayanti ghosh

6. Palki zari tissue silk blouse-

Zari wedding tissue silk blouse-sayanti Ghosh-1

Zari wedding tissue silk blouse-sayanti Ghosh

7. Sindurdaan Off-white blouse-

Sindurdaan wedding blouse-sayanti GhoshSindurdaan wedding blouse-sayanti Ghosh-1

8.  Palki Batik painted black blouse-

Wedding theme batik saree-sayanti Ghosh-1


Wedding theme batik saree-sayanti Ghosh

9. Copper tissue silk with Zari Doli embroidery-

copper wedding theme tissue silk-Sayanti ghosh-1

copper wedding theme tissue silk-Sayanti ghosh

10. Mala Badal hand-painted teal green blouse-

Mala badal art blouse-sayanti ghosh-3

Mala badal art blouse-sayanti ghosh-2

11. Yellow Jamdani Wedding blouse-

Wedding jamdani blouse-sayanti ghosh-1


Wedding jamdani blouse-sayanti ghosh

12. 3D Prajapati red blouse-

Butterfly blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1


Butterfly blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

13. Rajnigandha red blouse-

Rajnigandha wedding blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

14. Off-white Madhubani wedding theme saree-

Madhubani painted wedding saree-Sayanti ghoshMadhubani painted wedding saree-Sayanti ghosh

15. Khoi Fela embroidered pink blouse-

Pink khoi fela art work bridal blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1


Pink khoi fela art work bridal blouse-Sayanti ghosh

16. Pan Pata Jamdani zari red blouse-

Shubho drishti artwork -Sayanti Ghosh-1

Shubho drishti artwork -Sayanti Ghosh

17. Gaye Holud Hand-painted frilled blouse-

Gaye holud blouse-sayanti ghosh-3


Gaye holud blouse-sayanti ghosh-2

18. Gaye holud sunflower yellow blouse-

Gaye holud blouse-sayanti ghosh-1

Gaye holud blouse-sayanti ghosh

19. Saptapadi bead and embroidered red blouse-

Saptapadi wedding blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Saptapadi wedding blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

20.Madhubani painted beige wedding blouse-

Madhubani painted wedding saree-Sayanti ghosh-2 Madhubani painted wedding saree-Sayanti ghosh-3

21. Lime-green Sakha pola hand-painted blouse-

Lime green sakha pola and gachkoutyo-sayanti Ghosh-1


Lime green sakha pola and gachkoutyo-sayanti Ghosh

For the modern bride-

22. Multicoloured floral embroidered silk blouse-

embroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

emebroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

23. 3D flower embroidered red wedding blouse-

3d flower embroidered red blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

3d flower embroidered red blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

24. Red Zari and greenstone worked Blouse-




25. Yellow jasmine blouse-

jasmine yellow blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

jasmine yellow blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

26. Red zari worked reception blouse-

RED ZARI WORKED BLOUSE-sayanti ghosh-1


27. Panelled emerald green floral blouse-

Floral emboidered green blouse-Sayanti ghosh


Floral emboidered green blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

28. Oranges themed white blouse-

fruit motif off white blouse-1

fruit motif off white blouse

29. White strappy embroidered blouse-

white embroidered bridal blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1


white embroidered bridal blouse-Sayanti ghosh

30. Lime green embroidered sleeveless blouse-

Lime green sleeveless blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Lime green sleeveless blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

31. Pastel pink zardozi blouse-

Pink embroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Pink embroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

32. Pastel embroidered blouse for Summer weddings-

Pastel blouse with embroidery-Sayanti ghosh-1

Pastel blouse with embroidery-Sayanti ghosh

33. Lime green embroidered blouse-

Lime green stone work blouse-sayanti Ghosh


Lime green stone work blouse-sayanti Ghosh-1

34. Brocade and embroidered red blouse-

embroidered red blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

35. Pastel green with peach embroidery blouse-

Green pastel embroidered blouse- Sayanti Ghosh-1


Green pastel embroidered blouse- Sayanti Ghosh

36. Red silver zari worked blouse-

red zari work blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

red zari work blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-

37.Pastel jamdani silk Blouse-

Silk jamdani bridal blouse-Sayanti Ghosh Silk jamdani bridal blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

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