Bridal Saree Blouses

Bridal Saree Blouses

Divine Saree Blouses Trend

There is this unique trend of saree blouses that is catching up now. Be it for bridal blouses or blouses for pattu sarees these unique blouse designs makes them a head turner. We are talking about the divine saree blouses trend where we have embroidered the likeliness of gods and goddesses on saree blouses. No, we are not just talking about the Kalamkari blouses that have Buddha and Kali faces but something more heavy and unique. Let’s take a look at some trending Gods and Goddesses embroidered silk saree blouse designs.

gods and goddesses blouse designs for pattu sarees
Silk Saree Blouse Designs with Gods and Goddesses Embroidery

Divine saree blouses have become very special. In fact this is a trend for bridal blouses as

15 Red Bridal Blouse Designs For The Brides Of 2018

Bridal blouses is an industry now. The sheer number of patterns, designs and embroidery only adds to our confusion rather than clearing it up. With a lot of brides still choosing to wear red on their special day, what are the interesting red bridal blouse designs? These are the top 15 choices by brides especially if they want to wear a red bridal blouse with their pattu saree on their special day.

Red Bridal Blouse Designs

  1. This deep red kasu embellished blouse is totally in vogue right now. The heavy work that has been done perfectly suits the bride and it will complement yellow gold and antique jewelry that is the choice of brides now.

Mesh Style Cutwork Blouses Trending In 2018

Cutwork blouses are so beautiful. It is so intricate and takes so much effort and craftsmanship to make a gorgeous cutwork blouse. We have seen intricate patterns like floral patterns, paisleys and things like that. The recent cutwork to capture all eyes is the mesh style cutwork. Mesh style cutwork blouses are unique because of the placement of the cutwork and the multiple additions that can be done to it.

mesh style cutwork blousesBasic mesh style cutwork blouses have this unique craftsmanship on the sleeves. To try

2018 Glitters In Yellow!! 8 Must Have Yellow Outfits!

The verdict is out that sunshine yellow is the color of the season!! This gives us a lot to cheer about as yellow is one color that is a staple part of the Indian ethnic wardrobe. If you are not a yellow person these must have yellow outfits will surely change your mind. The key is to find the yellow for you and play on that.

Yellow Outfits For this season

1. Yellow Silk Sarees

Top 4 Celebrity Brides Of 2017

Weddings are always fun and beautiful. Especially when our favourite celebs get married, we just want to take every detail to our hearts and minds. These 4 celebrity brides did just that and made sure each one of us had that small tear of happiness when we saw them start their new life. Let us now have a look at what we are sure will trend this wedding season thanks to these beauties.

celebrity brides

1. Samantha Ruth Prabhu