Bridal Pattu Sarees Blouse Designs by Needle Eye!

Needle Eye by Sakina Ahmed is a boutique located in Bangalore and Chennai which customizes bridal outfits. Sakina Ahmed creates the most gorgeous bridal blouses for wedding sarees and designer sarees. From wedding baaraat embroidered blouse designs to blouses with Indian Gods and Goddesses, Needle Eye beautifully transmits glimpses of weddings, traditions, motifs of your choice, embroidery designs and concept story telling on your bridal saree blouses.

bridal heavy work pattu saree blouse designs bangalore

Take a look at the breathtaking designs created by Sakina Ahmed that will leave you awestruck.

Stunning Bridal Blouse Designs By Ranipink Studio

Wedding blouses are one of the most important aspect for every bride. It is one of the strongest element to complete your bridal look. However, there are many different ways to highlight your wedding saree blouse. Choose from a large variety of traditional embroidery designs, concept embroidery depending on the saree design, your personal style and so on. Bridal blouses can be heavy or subtle, and it all depends on how beautifully you style them. So today we bring you stunning bridal designer blouses from Bangalore based “Ranipink Studio”. 

bridal blouses by Ranipink studio bangaloire

They beautifully customize stunning wedding ensembles of all kinds and for all ages. From

Maggam Embroidered Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

2018 maggam work pattu saree blouse designs

Latest maggam embroidered elbow length sleeves pattu saree blouse designs.

15 Gorgeous Bridal Blouse Ideas With Borders And Heavy Embroidery

When we sit to design our bridal blouse, there are certain thumb rules we follow. We either use the heavy border of pattu sarees and shun from embroidery or vice versa. How about using both the borders and embroidery and creating one of a kind bridal blouse? These gorgeous blouses are not just perfect as a bridal blouse but you can sport them for any grand function.

bridal blouse designs
Bridal Blouse Designs
  1. This heavy bridal blouse design is by Bhargavi Kunam. Though the blouse is paired with a pattu saree care is taken not to take out the border. Instead heavy embroidery is made all over the blouse and a thick cord is added above and below the border.

Big Zari Border Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

big border elbow length sleeves pattu saree blouse designs

Pattu saree blouse designs with big border sleeves.