Blouse Designs 2018 Hot Trend: Cold Shoulder Saree Blouses

Hot Trend: Cold Shoulder Saree Blouses

Off shoulder and cold shoulder blouses have taken the world by storm. This fad is definitely here to stay as this pattern keeps incorporated to Anarkalis, kurtas apart from western outfits. So how about trying the cold shoulder blouses for sarees? Yes. This has been tried and tested and the outcome is totally trendy and cool.

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What are cold shoulder saree blouses? As the name implies a cold shoulder blouse design has a cut at the shoulder end of your blouse. This cut is further accentuated with embellished work around it to give that “cold shoulder” a lot more emphasis. This style is extremely popular with western tops and has everyone sporting it. After seeing that the same style has been adapted to Indian ethnic outfits and it looks equally “wow”.

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Cold shoulder blouse is a great option for those lovelies who want to try out something trendy but stuff like an off shoulder blouse is way too much for them. With the cold shoulder or shoulder cut out blouse design you can be totally in trend and still do not go over the top. If you feel that these cold shoulder blouses are only for party wear or the designer sarees well, you should think again. You can wear a cold shoulder blouse with even a Kanjeevaram or a Banarasi silk saree and rock it!!! The trend is so subtle that is does not look very flashy.

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If you are not very ok with making your main blouse as a cold shoulder blouse, you can always have these blouses in base colors like gold, silver and black. Then you can always try and give your saree fashion an entire new look just by wearing a new style contrast blouse!! Cold shoulder blouses are definitely here to stay!! You should surely try it out.


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