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Make Your Blouses Interesting With Fancy Tie Backs / Dori Designs

How many of you feel tie backs in your blouse are a regular thing and you do not pay much heed to it? Do you actually know it can accentuate your blouse so much and add glamour right away even to a plain blouse? Tie backs or back dori on your blouse can be very plain with just a string or even strings with heavy tassels. Each adds oomph to the blouse and let us see some cool patterns.

saree blouse back dori designs

blouses with tie backs blouses with tie backs blouses with tie backs

A simple dori can go a long way. Be it a blouse that has a regular round neck or a tear drop shaped slit. Having dori or tie backs will make your blouse look really nice. Also
another major use of your tie back is that you can adjust the tightness of your neck by tying the tie back loose or secure as per your choice.

blouses with tie backs

Try not to have that triangular piece of cloth at the end of it. Instead attach some fancy tassels that will turn your blouse game on point. Tassels attached to your dori, be it simple ones like a small round ball or the OOT ones that are shaped like birds, animals and anything that catches your eye looks very fancy with sarees. If you are not ok with dori tie backs use the fabric of your blouse and make it into fancy knots like a “Bobby blouse”.

blouses with tie backs blouses with dori on back

Next would be the blouses that use these tie backs to hold the blouses from the back. It could be a set of tie backs, or the ones that go criss cross or even a one on top of the blouse and one below. They look uber glam and perfect for anyone who is confident of carrying this look off. If you are not very ok with doing it, but still want to try, you may add a dori at the end and have a high neck, which will cover the upper portion of your back.

blouses with dori on back blouses with tie backs blouses with tie backs

Ladies these kind of blouses suit all sarees. So next time your tailor gives your blouses tie backs, do not stop her. Instead think of ways in which you can glam it up!!



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