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How to Pick the Perfect Maang Tikka for Your Personality

If there is one ornament that can be called completely desi, then it is the maang tikka. Earrings, bangles, necklaces and anklets are often worn in other countries too. But, merely do we get to see any other culture emphasizing the importance of maang tikkas. It is a part of every special occasion, especially weddings. A bride almost looks incomplete without a tikka. Initially there was the traditional one, but like any other ornament, the maang tikka has also got its revamping. So, let us look at the types of maang tikkas and which personality it suits the best.

maang tikaHere are a few types of maang tikkas that you can pick from –

Simple Maang Tikka

The basic maang tikka is traditional and is suitable to wear at weddings. If you have a small oval face, go for a small tikka. If you have a large round face, you can choose a bigger tikka. These traditional maang tikkas are often worn with traditional attires like sarees, salwar suits and lehengas. (Shop Online)


A chandbali tikka is in the shape of a crescent moon. It is a rage these days and we see many people wearing it at weddings. Pick the size of the chandbali according to the size of your forehead and the attire that you are wearing. (Shop Online)

chandbali maang tikaBorla Maang Tikkas

A borla tikka is a traditional ornament from Rajasthan. It is like a small ball like structure and sits comfortably on your forehead. You can wear it with your traditional attires like lehengas. You can now get modern borla tikkas too. (Shop Online)

ethnic borla maang tikaMaatha patti

A matha patti is the big sister of a maang tikka. It is complicated with a couple of arms for the tikka that run on both sides of the head. It is highly traditional and is recommended only for elaborate traditional occasions like weddings. These days, there are simple maatha pattis available too. You can wear them even when you are not the bride. (Shop Online)

grand maatha patti

simple maatha pattiThese are some of the maang tikkas that you can choose from.



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