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Stylish Blouse Designs For Chiffon and Georgette Sarees

Blouse plays an important role in Indian traditional ensembles. Styling a lehenga, a saree or even a fusion attire calls for an appropriate blouse. Today we look at six ways of styling a blouse to make your traditional look more fetching.

blouse designs for georgette and chiffon sarees

Stylish Blouse Designs For Chiffon and Georgette Sarees:

1.Embroidered Blouse

An embroidered blouse looks ultra feminine and stylish even with a solid simple saree without any detailed prints. The heavy embroidery generally compensates for the lack of details in a solid mono-colored saree and also compliments a detailed printed saree. This way a embroidered blouse is quite versatile and can be styled with sarees of different tones and motifs. In the below picture the petal collar and the sheer sleeves are a bonus.

frilled collar blouse

2. Cut Shoulder Blouse

Since cold shoulders are high in trend this season, cholis with cut out details are a delight to pair with chiffon sarees. An embroidered or printed cut shoulder blouse can up the style quotient of a simple saree ten folds.

cut shoulder blouse3. Ruffle Sleeved Blouses

Ruffles are another trend the fashion world is loving right now. Elaborate ruffles gives the saree ensemble a fusion vibe and subtle ruffles like the one shown in the picture below works great if you want to go for a authentic traditional look.

frill sleeves blouse

4. Off shoulder ruffle sleeved blouses

Off shoulder and elaborate ruffle sleeved blouses are great for a contemporary saree ensemble. A saree ensemble could also be worn as a fusion attire with cold shoulder blouses.

off shoulder blouse

5. Conservative shirt collared blouses

Shirt collar blouses has been a tried and tested fashion statement since the last few seasons. An androgynous look could be easily achieved by styling a shirt collared blouse even with something as feminine saree.

collar neck blouse

6. Sheer Net Blouses

The last one in our take at blouse designs today is the very popular sheer net blouses. These sheer blouses can glam up an old simple Chiffon or Georgette saree by several notches. The sheer neckline and sleeves look chic and uber urban.

net blouse designs for chiffon sarees

So what is your favorite kind of blouse?



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