5 Super Cool Latest Saree Blouse Patterns

Wondering how to get your saree look on point? Well the answer is in the fancy blouse pattern that you choose. You can always opt for a trendy saree jacket design to make you look stylish and yet comfy in your traditional attire. Here are some super cool blouse patterns that are totally trending right now!!

1. Racer Back Blouse

A racer back saree blouse design is perfect for someone who loves blouses with an athletic touch. The racer back looks really interesting and you can spruce it up with cut backs and more additions to modify the racer back a little bit. Perfect for fancy and cocktail sarees.

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns Uber Cool Blouse Patterns2. Blouse Patterns with Bows and Ties

Bows and ties on a saree blouse can never go out of fashion. Remember the fancy bobby blouse? Well a bobby blouse with a fancy bow on the back or interesting tie backs add so much zing and glamour to saree blouses. You can just wear a plain blouse but add a bow or tie ups to it. Voila!! You will look fancy!!

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns Uber Cool Blouse Patterns3. Fancy Floral Blouse Designs

Floral blouses have always been around. Well this time show off florals in forms of lace collars, lace backs or even interesting floral prints can change or uplift a complete look. Large floral prints, like a rose with complete detailing is in vogue right now. You can also get the blouse done in crop top style so that you can pair it with your skirts as well.

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns4. Shirt and Jacket Blouse Patterns

Apart from regular blouses with a twist, the entire blouse is changed here by teaming up a saree with a shirt or a jacket. If you are not quite comfy pairing a shirt or a jacket with your saree, create a jacket illusion or a shirt illusion blouse with two different fabrics or add a fancy collar to your blouse.

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns Uber Cool Blouse Patterns5. Blouse with Fun Prints

An easy way to make yourself a cool blouse. Pick up a contrast fun print fabric. Take a cue from elephants, birds or similar quirky prints. Do it up in a style you like, though we recommend a simple sleeveless without any fuss.

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns

These super cool blouse patterns can give your old sarees a new fun look. Try them out and let us know!!


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