Keeping It High: High Neck Blouses Are Here To Stay

High neck blouses for sarees are here to stay. They are classy, elegant and yet suit almost all kinds of sarees from the fancy designer ones to sedate silk sarees. There are so many styles and patterns of high neck blouses that you can work your way through. Here are some interesting and easy high neck blouse design options that would pair up with all kinds of sarees in your wardrobe.

1. Boat Neck Blouse

A high neck option that has literally invaded everyone’s wardrobe is the boat neck option. Interesting a pattern and classy when worn you should surely be having a few of the boat neck blouses. You can make this your main blouse for all your sarees in the near future.

High Neck Blouses High Neck Blouses2. Button Down Blouse

Adding pretty buttons either of cloth or of bling not just for purpose but also for fun is quite interesting. High neck blouses give you the leverage to add buttons to your blouses and flaunting them without being awkward about it. Try these out with again all kinds of sarees.

High Neck Blouses High Neck Blouses3. Collar Neck Blouse

When we talk about high neck blouses a collar neck keeps coming to our mind. Try out a sharp collar or a peter pan collar or even a mandarin style to get a fancy saree blouse. You can also opt for a different color or a heavy bling collar to add more oomph to your ensemble.

High Neck Blouses High Neck Blouses4. Sheer Net Blouse

Adding a bit of drama to your high neck blouses is a fun thing to do. So adding a sheer overlay is a great choice. Add it in contrast or the same shade as the blouse or even a sheer fabric to minimize the inner bling are ways to incorporate it.

High Neck Blouses High Neck Blouses5. Blouse with Keyhole or a Tear Drop

Sometimes high necks might be a tad too stuffy. To reduce that effect, add a keyhole or a tear drop cut out in the center or the sides to make the blouse more interesting. Fancy piping is a great addition when you opt for a key hole.

High Neck Blouses High Neck Blouses

These are some interesting high neck blouses that are funky and classy at the same time. Try it to believe it!!

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