20 Bridal Blouse designs that are excusively hand crafted for every bride!

Handcrafted blouse model designs have a huge fan following and if the occasion is one’s wedding, we are sure you want your bridal blouse to be extensively hand-worked. When it comes to hand embroidery there are a variety of techniques that are applied including aari, zardozi, maggam and so on. It could be simple wedding blouse designs as well as complex patterns. Below are 20 designs from Reya Bridal Blouse designed by Revathi Venkateshkumar. These are exclusively hand embroidered bridal blouses for sarees to feel special on your big day.

Scroll down to see the pictures below and have a closer look at these handmade blouse designs for sarees-

blouses-reya design studio-featured

  1. Blue blouse with gold stone and thread details-

blouse20-reya deisgn

2. Sky blue blouse with pearl jaals-

blouse19-reya design

3. Red blouse with coin work and elephant embroidery-

blouse18reya design

4. Rose pink blouse with mirror chintz and tassels-

blouse17-reya design

5. Ivory blouse with pink and rose pink florets

blouse16-reya design

6. Salmon pink blouse with diamond detailed pattern-

blouse15-reya design

7. Neon green blouse with white and copper pearls-

blouse14-reya design

8. Red blouse with heart-designed back neck-

blouse13-reya design

9. Orange blouse with pink and silver floral buttas-

blouse12-reya design

10. Navy blue blouse with gold temple motifs

blouse11-reya design

11. Violet blouse with mirror silver work with red florets-

blouse10-reya design

12. Pastel pink blouse with sky blue beads and stones-

blouse9-reya design

13. Pink blouse with sky blue floral motifs and green tassels-

blouse8-reya design

14. Dark green blouse with red hand bridal ritual motifs-

blouse7-reya design

15. Purple blouse by green net design cutwork-

blouse6-reya design

16. Turquoise blouse with gold embroidery with floral jaals-

blouse5-reya design

17. Yellow blouse with intricate white and gold embroidery-

blouse4-reya design

18. Forest green blouse with multicolour florets-

blouse3-reya design

19. Powder blue blouse with navy blue patches and silver embroidery-

blouse2-reya design

20. Magenta blouse with gold floral thread work-

blouse1-reya design

So we hope this bridal blouse catalogue has impressed you thoroughly and your next choice would be inspired by any of these models. However, if you are completely smitten with the range of colours and decorations, find these bridal blouses online by visiting  Reya Bridal designer blouse

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