26 Hand-embroidered blouses that are a must-have for your saree closet!

Hand-embroidered blouses have a set of loyal fans for themselves. A testimony for this is how many people are interested to buy hand-embroidery blouses online. Designer Sayanti Ghosh is one of the most popular sellers of these pieces of art and has a steady collection of the same.

Hand embroidery blouse collection-Sayanti Ghosh-Featured
Hand-embroidered blouses

Scroll down to see 26 hand-embroidered blouses from the designer’s collection-

  1. Navy blue blouse with white thread work
Hand-embroidered blouses
Hand-embroidered blouses

Blue blouse with white thread embroidery-Sayanti Ghosh-1

2. Stork embroidered Violet blouse-

Stork embroidered blouse-sayanti Ghosh


Stork embroidered blouse-sayanti Ghosh-1

3. Butti embroidered net-back red blouse

Handpainted baisakhi theme blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

Handpainted baisakhi theme blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

4. Navy blouse with bird Zari embroidery-

Zari embroidered blouse- sayanti ghosh

Zari embroidered blouse- sayanti ghosh1

5. Pink flower embroidered lime green raw silk blouse-

embroidered silk blouse-Sayanti ghosh

embroidered silk blouse-Sayanti ghosh1

6.Jasmine embroidered Rani Pink blouse

Jasmine embroidered pink blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

Jasmine embroidered pink blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

7. Purple white Parijat embroidered blouse-

Purple embroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

Purple embroidered blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

8. Forest green Swan embroidery blouse-

swan embroidery blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

swan embroidery blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

9. Mint green Parrot embroidered blouse-

Parrot embroidery blouse-sayanti ghosh

10. Brown orange vine trumpet blouse

orange vine trumpet blouse-Sayanti Ghosh


orange vine trumpet blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

11. Mint green marigold cinched blouse-

Mint marigold embroidery blouse-sayanti Ghosh

Mint marigold embroidery blouse-sayanti Ghosh-1

12. Garden grey blouse-

Garden embroidery blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

Garden embroidery blouse-Sayanti Ghosh-1

13. White patanga Phool pink blouse-

Pink thread embroidered blouse- sayanti Ghosh

Pink thread embroidered blouse- sayanti Ghosh1

14. Blue kutus blouse-

blue embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh


blue embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh1

15. Yellow full sleeve bunch flower blouse-

Yellow bunch flower embroidered silk blouse-Sayanti ghosh

Yellow bunch flower embroidered silk blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

16. Black 3D Krishnachura blouse

Krishnachura black 3d blouse-Sayanti Ghosh

Krishnachura black 3d blouse-Sayanti Ghosh -1

17. Pond Scenery aqua blue blouse

Pond scenery embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh1

Pond scenery embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh

18. Emerald green Persian art blouse-

Persian architecture embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh

Persian architecture embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

19. Aqua blue Lotus pond blouse-

Lotus embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh1


Lotus embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh

20. Forest green Dragonfly blouse-

Dragonfly embroidery blouse-sayanti Ghosh1

Dragonfly embroidery blouse-sayanti Ghosh

21. Pastel pink organza bird motif blouse

Bird embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh

Bird embroidered blouse-sayanti ghosh-1

22. Off-white minimal pattern blouse

Flower embroidery blouse -Sayanti Ghosh-1

Flower embroidery blouse -Sayanti Ghosh-1

23. Cut Dana work white blouse-

Cut dana embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh

Cut dana embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1

24. Floor art blouses

hand embroidered blouse- Sayanti Ghosh

hand embroidered blouse- Sayanti Ghosh-1
Hand-embroidered blouses

25. Black multi colour kingfisher blouse-

Black kingfisher multicolour embroidery blouse Sayanti Ghosh

Black kingfisher multicolour embroidery blouse Sayanti Ghosh-1

26. Lilac collared birds motif blouse

birds embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh

birds embroidery blouse-Sayanti ghosh-1


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