5 Blouse Designs For Women With Broad Shoulders!

Women with broad shoulders think that having large shoulders is a negative thing. But, with the right kind of clothes, broad shoulders can be a blessing. Especially when you are wearing a saree, you can opt for many types of blouses you can just look amazing. There are many blouse types that can hide your broad shoulders when not needed and show them off when you choose to.

saree blouses for broad shouldersSo, here are five types of blouse designs that you can pick from if you have broad shoulders –

Broad Neck Cap Sleeves Blouse

Not everyone is blessed with long, sculpted shoulders, so show it off. Wear a broad necked blouse with short sleeves. Just make sure you avoid any padding or extra puff because that would make your body look disproportionate. The back can go as deep as you are comfortable with.

bouse designs for broad shoulders

broad shouldered small sleevesBroad Neck Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse

Again, the broad neck design is to show off your slender shoulder blades. It is also the right option if you want to wear some heavy neck pieces. If you think your arms are a bit flabby, you can go for elbow length sleeves. It is going to hide all those extra pounds easily.

broad shoulder elbow length sleevesClosed Neck Three Fourth Sleeves Blouse

If you are not comfortable with broad shouldered blouses, you can opt for closed neck blouses that have three fourth sleeves. It will cover up if you have chubby arms and will make you look slimmer.

closed necked three fourth blouseRound Neck Long Sleeves Blouse

The round neck long sleeved blouses go well with any type of saree, be it silk or cotton. You can choose this blouse if you are super skinny and want to add volume to your shoulder region. You can also go for round neck three fourth blouses if you are on the healthier side. It is suitable for fancy and silk sarees. You can opt for a bit of embroidery work on your blouse too, if you want. This will make the blouse look grander.

round necked long sleeves

round necked three fourth blouseThese are some of the blouse designs for broad shouldered women.

What Not to Wear 

Keep in mind to avoid thin straps or noodle straps. Also stay away from padded sleeves and puff sleeves as these will make your shoulders look even more broader.

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