Beauty 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine!!

10 Step Korean Skincare Routine!!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This beauty routine is definitely going to make girls crazy as it has already taken over the rage. The ultimate Korean Skincare routine basically comprises of 10 steps. Yes, yes, it is definitely one of those time-consuming routines. But, the final result will definitely blow your mind like anything. There is nothing more important than taking care of your skin in the most amazing way. With two versions of this routine, many people opt for the 10 step skincare routine. The reason behind this is the flawless results after the routine is mind-blowing.

korean skin care routine

10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Making it simple and to the point, here is the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine which every girl must follow in order to get supple and unblemished skin.

1. Oil Cleansing

Sleeping with full coverage makeup can definitely clog our pores and fill all the dirt and dust in them. So, removing makeup is essentially very important. Oil cleansers are basically applied on the dry face to remove makeup or any pollution stuck on your face. Oil cleansers are helpful in removing the dirt and grime from the face making it clean and supple. Instead of oil cleansers, one can also use cleansing balm o remove all the makeup from your face. If there is not so much makeup on your face then wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser.

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oil cleansing

2. Cleansing with foam

Foam cleansing is the second step of the Korean Skincare Routine. For clean and clear skin one must ensure that there is no makeup left on their face. This is the reason why double cleansing or foam cleansing process is needed. There are always chances that oil cleansers may not remove all the makeup from your skin. So, foam cleansers are must-have products in your beauty regime.

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face foaming cleanser

3. Scrub/Exfoliate

It is very important for every girl out there to exfoliate her skin. For removing all the dead skin cells it is important to exfoliate it. Mild exfoliators are perfect to remove all the dead cells from the skin making it supple and soft. It is mandatory to exfoliate at least twice a week to make your skin glowing and radiant. People with sensitive skin can use a mild product for their exfoliation.

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face scrubbing

4. Toning

Toners are the main products and without them, the Korean Skincare Routine is a total fail. Toning is very important as it not only helps in losing the open pores but it also maintains the PH level of your skin. People living in assumptions regarding toners cannot go more wrong than thinking it to be a normal product. Ideally one should apply 10 layers of toner on their face while doing this skincare routine. After applying each layer one has to wait for about 2 minutes to get the toner pumped in the skin. For all those lazy people out there, you can definitely go for 3-4 layers if 10 are not possible. (Toners – BUY HERE)

5. Essences

Hydration and nourishment are the most important steps of Korean Skincare Routine. For glowing and supple skin, the Korean skincare regime suggests us to use essence. To make your skin ready to absorb serums one should grab the essence first. Essence should be applied on the entire face and a minute massage has to be done. It increases the blood circulation in the skin making it lustrous and radiant. (BUY HERE)

6. Ampules or Serums

Flawless and spotless skin often requires tons of steps to be followed. Keeping that in mind, Koreans have this step of using serums or ampules. The ultimate hydration that serums provide nurtures the skin nicely. Serums are a lifesaver if you have hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, dull skin, fine lines or even acne and pimples. Every skin type demands different serum and one should always go for serums which contain vitamins. Serums are for every skin type and it makes the skin spotless and squeaky clean. (BUY HERE)

7. Sheet Masking

Get yourself well obsessed with sheet masks because they are life-savers. Sheet masking is the core and often said as the soul of Korean Skincare Routine. The ideal Korean routine says to apply sheet mask every day for that instant glow. But, lets be honest no one is going to waste their sleep. So, one should start using sheet masks once a week and then increase the usage gradually. A paper thin sheet which is filled with extracts off everything which is good for the skin is termed as a sheet mask. It has concentrated serum which helps in getting a glowing skin instantly. (BUY HERE)


8. Eye Cream

Dark circles are not going to trouble you anymore because you have your eye-cream right here. Korean skincare regime says that one should use an eye cream after sheet mask to get rid of any dark circles under the eye. It moisturizes the eye area really well and gets you a good sleep. The eye cream is a must-have product in your beauty/skincare closet. (BUY HERE)

eye cream

9. Moisturizer

Things are sorted if you have an amazing and just-for your skin moisturizer. People who bear oil and acne/prone skin should use a gel-based moisturizer. The ones with dry skin should go for a moisturizer which has light consistency. The ultimate nourishment is provided by the moisturizer and it keeps the skin supple and baby soft. (BUY HERE)

10. Sunscreen 

Everything works only when you have a sunscreen with good SPF. A sunscreen is must because it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. It is utterly important to get a good sunscreen for yourself and you are done with the skincare regime. (BUY HERE)

The one and only Korean Skincare Routine is done and all you can experience now is the flawless skin with baby soft nourishment.


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