8 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Dupattas

Do you have beautiful dupattas lying waste in your wardrobe? Well, it happens, when we no longer wear the salwar kameez due to reasons like wear and tear or fitting problem. Now what to do with those lovely decorative dupattas? Just throw them out or use them as a mop?? No ways, you can always make good use of old chunnis rather than dumping them as waste. Here we are suggesting you 8 creative ways on how to reuse old dupattas, have a look:

How to Use Dupatta for Decoration

Many of you might be surprised to know that there are so many ways in which we can use old dupatta for decoration. Dupattas are of different type like some are plain chiffon dupattas whereas some have heavy embellishments of zari or mirror work or pom-poms or bandhani print or silk ones, so depending on the type of dupatta we can recycle old dupatta into following things:

1. Reuse Old Dupattas for Cushion Covers

Dupattas having pretty embellishments with borders can be used to make cushion covers. You can ask your local tailor to stitch the cushion cover and make creative use of dupatta and recycle old clothes into something new. These cushion covers made from old dupatta reuse will give a personal touch to your living room.

diy-old-dupattas2.Reuse Old Dupattas for Curtains

One of the best ways to make use of old chunnis is by converting them into curtains. Take one end of the dupatta, add the circles to hang it and then cut the length as required and your new curtains are all set ready.

creative-use-of-dupatta3. Reuse Old Dupattas and Make Table Cloth

Whether it’s your dining table or center table, you can recycle old dupatta and make a table cloth for it. All that you need to do is cut the dupatta as per the size of your table and stitch it from all sides to block the ends.

4. Photo frame with Dupatta Border

If you are looking for some more options on how to reuse old dupattas then here we go. Dupattas having lovely borders can be cut out and joint together to create a unique photo frame. You can gift this personal touch photo frame to someone special or decorate it in your own house and make old dupatta reuse smartly.

DIY With Old Dupattas

Apart from decoration, there are also other creative uses of dupatta that you can easily DIY, below are the listed things that you can craft from old dupatta:

5. Reuse Old Dupattas for a Headband

Old dupattas can be very well used to create headbands. Take any light fabric dupattas like chiffon or georgette and cut its length as per your head size. Tie it up and create a retro look.

use-of-old-chunnis6. Reuse Old Dupattas and Make Old Dupatta Jacket

Use printed dupatta or embellished work dupatta to make old dupatta jacket out of it. You can team up the DIY ethnic jacket with salwar kameez or western outfits as well.

7. Reuse Old Dupatta as a Stole or Scarf

You can give a new life and reuse old dupatta by cutting out a portion from it and using it as a stole or scarf with your jeans or dresses. This is one of the most easiest way to recycle old dupatta.

how-to-reuse-old-dupatta8. Reuse Old Dupattas and Convert it into a Stylish Top

The trendy poncho tops can be created out of printed old dupattas. You can further also add pom-poms to the ends of the top. If you have sequins, beaded, stone or mirror work embellished top then you can create lovely party wear ethnic tops from old dupatta.

reuse old dupattas

Hope the above suggestions about how to reuse old dupattas will help you and rather than dumping your old clothes now you will make good use of them.

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