30 Super Simple and Trendy Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees!

Traditional silk sarees are undoubtedly one of the best wardrobe investments for every Indian woman. We all already own many pattu sarees and yet cannot resist from shopping for more. But what completes our evergreen kanjeevaram sarees is beautiful silk saree blouse designs. Any pattu saree can instantly be dressed up or down with an appropriate pattu saree blouse pattern. But the specialty of the silk sarees is that you can style it with the simplest of blouses and still rock in them. Keeping the wedding season and the upcoming festivities in mind, we have come up with a catalogue of 30 latest simple silk saree blouse designs of 2018. These simple blouse neck designs for silk sarees or traditional sarees are very versatile and definitely for the win.

Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees
simple Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Simple Silk Saree Blouse Designs:

1. Silk Saree with contrast high neck three quarter sleeves blouse

Going for a contrast blouse design with your classic pattu sarees is always a good idea. A contrast high neck blouse with three quarter sleeves will elevate the look of your silk saree. This simple silk saree blouse style also allows you to wear statement traditional jewelry hence a perfect option for a simple yet sophisticated look.

pattu saree with boat neck blouse

2. Contrast plain sleeveless blouse for Pattu Sarees

If there is one simple silk saree blouse blouse design we will forever swear by, then it has to be a plain sleeveless blouse. Contrasting a plain sleeveless blouse with your silk sarees will never let you down. Infact, we suggest, every woman must own one plain sleeveless blouse in every different color.

celebrities in silk sarees with sleeveless blouse
Sleeveless Silk saree Blouse Designs

pattu saree with sleeveless blouse

3. Silk saree with high neck key hole back blouse

A traditional silk saree paired up with a high back neck key hole blouse looks very modest and trendy at the same time. Play with your accessories to glam up your silk saree.

simple silk saree blouse designs

4. Contrast Color Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

silk saree with contrast elbow sleeves blouse
Elbow Sleeves simple Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Any pattu saree look can be elevated with a contrast color pattu blouse. This style not only amps up your saree look but also allows you to try trendy blouse patterns on your back neck.

5. High Neck Puffed Full Sleeves Blouse For Pattu Sarees

This may seem to be a little hard to pull off but it is one of the simplest styles and extremely easy to style. A high neck puffed full sleeves blouse design must be paired up with a same color silk saree. You will get best results of the look if you pin up the pleats and accessorize with a belt.

silk saree with full sleeves blouse
Full Sleeves Silk Saree Blouse Designs

6. Pattu saree with high neck full sleeves blouse with cut out back neck

A pattu saree paired up with high neck full sleeves blouse featuring a cut out on the back neck is for those who want to make a statement with the back neck because the entire attention goes towards your back neck.

kanchi pattu saree with full sleeves blouse

7. Silk saree with plain puffed elbow length sleeves blouse

Balance out any bold silk saree with a plain puffed elbow length sleeves blouse. This vintage blouse style is simple but makes a lasting impression with it’s design.

banaras silk saree with plain blouse

8. Kanchi Pattu Saree with contrast elbow sleeves Banarasi Silk Blouse

A banarasi silk blouse defines royalty and every woman must own one in a neutral shade to mix and match with your numerous kanjeevaram sarees. A contrast shade blouse design with elbow sleeves will add a royal touch to your traditional silk saree look. This is one of the most trending silk saree blouse designs.

pattu saree with banaras silk blouse

9. Silk Saree with elbow length sleeves Banarasi bhuti blouse

Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees
Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Tiny little bhuttis or even large motifs on your elbow length sleeves blouse look very cute and graceful with your silk sarees. You opt for this style of silk saree blouse design if you do not want to go with the plain blouse.

Silk Saree Blouse Designs

10. Contrast Plain High Neck Elbow Length Sleeves Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Pair up your pattu sarees with a contrast plain high neck elbow length sleeves blouse. However old style or sophisticated it may be, with the right styling anyone can ace this look.

pattu saree with plain blouse
Plain High Neck Silk Saree Blouse Designs

11. Kanjeevaram Saree with contrast plain kanjeevaram blouse

Team up your classic kanjeevaram saree with a contrast kanjeevaram blouse for a timeless elegant look. This simple silk saree blouse pattern has been continuing since generations and will never go out of style.

pattu saree with contrast plain pattu blouse

12. Matching color full sleeves blouse for silk sarees

A matching color full sleeves blouse design with your silk sarees can make a world of a difference to your saree look. The one color dominance adds more beauty to the traditional attire.

silk saree with full sleeves blouse

13. Sleeveless High Neck Pattu Saree Blouse

A matching sleeveless high neck pattu saree blouse design is a very trendy yet modest style to try out. This blouse design is a huge rage among all young girls and is sure to rule this 2018.

silk saree with sleeveless blouse

14. Pattu Saree with Short Sleeves Blouse

We don’t think anyone has ever gone wrong in a pattu saree with a short sleeves or cap sleeves blouse design. Needless to say, this one is the most sought after designs.

silk saree with short sleeves blousesilk saree with cap sleeves blouse

15. Silk Saree With Plain Three Fourth Sleeves Blouse

A silk saree with plain three fourth sleeves blouse is another must try. The plain blouse beautifully balances out your silk saree look.

pattu saree with three fourth sleeves blouse

16. Collar Neck Short Sleeves Blouse for Silk Sarees

Super trendy and simple collar neck short sleeves blouse with your pattu sarees is one of our favorite styles if your are looking for a modern touch to your traditional look.

17. Silk Saree with Closed Neck Elbow Sleeves Blouse Embellished with Small Bhutis

A silk saree paired up with closed neck elbow sleeves blouse embellished with small buttis looks very graceful and can easily glam up your plain silk sarees.

silk saree with closed neck blouse

18. Full Sleeves Blouse with Contrast Sleeves

We saw this trend soaring high in 2016 and it is only getting bigger year after year. A full sleeves blouse with contrast sleeves is for those who want to make a bold statement with the sleeves and it is the second color that will catch all the attention.

full sleeves blouse with contrast sleeves

19. Big Border Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse For Pattu Sarees

Elbow sleeves blouse with big borders are one of our huge favorites. Borders only beautify the traditional attire and when they are bigger, they look even better.

big border pattu saree blouse designs

pattu sarees with big border blouses

20. Off Shoulder Blouse For Silk Sarees

Show off your collar bones and pair up your silk sarees with simple off shoulder blouse designs. This style is for the modern young woman who love to make a statement with simplicity.

off shoulder blouse with silk sarees

21. Cold Shoulder Blouse for Pattu Sarees

The hottest trend of 2016 – the cold shoulder is one of the trendiest and the most practical design to flaunt with your evergreen kanjeevarams.

silk saree with cold shoulder blouse

22. Pattu Saree with Contrast High Back Neck Elbow Sleeves Blouse

Our celebrities love them and we can never get bored of this style. Pattu sarees with contrast high back neck elbow sleeves blouse is a must try for every saree lover.

pattu saree with contrast blouse

23. Silk Saree With Puff Sleeves Blouse Design

Since years, we have seen this style of the silk saree with a puff sleeves blouse design and don’t you think it looks super cute? This famous pattu saree blouse design will remain evergreen.

pattu blouse with net sleeves

24. Pattu Saree Blouse with Net Sleeves

If you are one of those to experiment with textures on your blouses, then mix up your pattu saree blouse with net sleeves. The texture play will make everyone go wow.

25. Checks Blouse with Silk Saree

The retro style checkered trend is the most sought after blouse design for pattu sarees. This design is perfect for weddings and festivities.

checks blouse design with silk sarees

26. Pattu Saree with Floral Blouse

The floral blouse trend is for sure coming back every spring summer. Add a splash of color to your silk sarees with a floral blouse.

floral blouses with silk sarees floral blouses with silk sarees

27. Silk Saree with Boat Neck Blouse

A kanjeevaram silk saree paired up with a boat neck blouse can make heads turn with its simplicity. The boat neck style works best with an elbow sleeve length blouse.
pattu saree with boat neck blouse

28. Silk Saree with Matching Sleeveless Blouse

Just like how we swear by the idea of a silk saree with a contrast sleeveless blouse, we equally love the matching sleeveless blouse design. Your silk saree will look very elegant and stylish at the same time.

sleeveless blouse with pattu sarees

29. Plain Pattu Blouse with Elbow Length Zari Sleeves

Are you a fan of glossy zari? Then the plain elbow length pattu blouse with zari sleeves is the one for you. Your pattu sarees will look even more dressy with this blouse design style.

pattu blouse with elbow length zari sleeves

30. Boat Neck Cap Sleeves Blouse

A boat neck cap sleeves blouse is rarely seen but do not hesitate to try it out as this style will always be in trend. Style your cap sleeves with a touch of the border or lace for it to stand out.

boat neck cap sleeves blouse for pattu sarees

Simplicity is the key to win any pattu saree look. You do not always have to over-do your traditional look but just styling your kanjeevaram sarees right with the simplest pattu blouse designs / simple silk saree blouse designs can work wonders. In today’s world, from the trendiest to the simplest readymade saree blouses can be shopped online at one go thus making saree dressing so hassle-free. So go ahead and rock your silk saree looks with simplicity and style.

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