55+ New Latest Blouse Designs 2020 | Blouse Trends 2020

Since time immemorial, sarees have been the epitome of elegance for the Indian woman. The 6 yard fabric signifies beauty and grace like no other garment. But what’s a saree in 2020 without a stylish blouse? Absolutely nothing! Gone are the days when a blouse was just a piece of cloth that covered from the neck/shoulders till the waistline. With changing times, new and trendy blouse designs have emerged that are completely unique. Blouse neck designs have evolved and blouses are a style statement on their own. In this article, we will be talking to you about the trending new and latest blouse designs 2020.

55 latest new blouse designs 2020

Latest Blouse Designs 2020 | Trendy Blouse Designs 

1. Off-Shoulder Exaggerated Ruffle Sleeves Blouse

This voluminous and extra looking latest blouse design is a step in the right direction. The exaggerated ruffle sleeve mimics the western off the shoulder top that is extremely popular nowadays. This type of new blouse design depicts a more modern woman rather than a traditional one. Paired with vibrant colors like red and yellow such as below, this latest blouse design 2020 is definitely a hit from our side!

latest blouse designs 2020 latest blouse designs 2020 (1)

2. Embroidered Noodle Strap Blouse

Adoring this petite noodle strap embroidered new blouse design 2020 with a daring back neck design. Looks extremely pretty in pink and blue!

blouse designs 2020 noodle strap blouse

3. Contrast Striped Blouse – Latest Blouse Designs 2020

This exciting new 2020 blouse design has a modest boat neck in the front and a contrasting plunging back neck design. Further, the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes in contrasting colors tells the tale of a modern fashionista. We’re digging this latest blouse design!

blouse designs 2020 deep v neck (1)

4. Deep V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Deep V-neck blouses are said to elongate the neck beautifully.  Popularized by Sabyasachi Designs, this latest blouse design is making waves everywhere in 2020 and being worn by many celebrities. South Indian actresses Samantha and Karishma Tanna look gorgeous in these new neck designs.

blouse designs 2020 deep v neck

deep v neck blouse models

5. Bralette Blouse – Latest Blouse Designs 2020

Fun and quirky, the bralette blouses add a playfulness to your ensemble that will leave you looking effortlessly sexy. You can pair them with statement neckpieces for a boho-chic look. The stringy back blouse design is extremely flattering on young women.

blouse designs 2020 bralette blouse

6.Sleeveless blouse With thin Shoulder Straps

These sleeveless blouse designs with thin shoulder straps just scream elegance. Pair it with either neutral or vibrant shades of sarees and this evergreen trendy blouse design 2020 will not disappoint you! Perfect for a simple family function or friend’s house party. Accessorize with some dangling earrings to complete the look like

sleeveless blouse with thin straps saree blouse with thin straps

7. Crop top with bow tie – Latest blouse designs 2020

For older women who’d like to dress more conservatively but not miss out on the fashion trends, the latest 2020 blouse design is this type of crop top with a front/back bow tie up detail. The simple high neck blouse design with floral buttons at the back is incredibly stylish.

bow tie saree blouse

8.  Sleeveless Ruffle Collar Blouse

Ruffled collars remind us of 19th century Englishwoman with their lace ruffled sleeves and collars. This modern neck blouse design is being seen quite frequently and is perfect for the winter!

ruffle collar sleeveless blouse

9. Bell Sleeves Blouse

Bell sleeve blouse designs 2020 come in flowy fabrics and tulle materials that look so feminine and pretty! Often the sleeves are present in layers with frilly borders which adds another dimension to the look and makes it all the more fashionable.

bells sleeves choli designs bell sleeves blouse pattern

10.   One shouldered sleeveless blouse

This one shouldered sleeveless blouse is the perfect 2020 party wear blouse; whether its your bffs sangeet night or baccalaureate party, you’re sure to be dazzling in this sequined fancy blouse design that can be paired with any light weigh saree materials like chiffon and georgette for a graceful look.

one shoulder blouse design

11.  Closed neck blouse with transparent flared sleeves

For the less daring, we recommend this baby pink close neck 2020 latest blouse design with flared transparent sleeves having scalloped borders. The spaced out floral prints are perfect for a breezy summer day and is just the right amount of hip for traditionalists.

bell sleeve blouse design bell sleeve blouse design


12. Ruffle sleeves blouse designs

We think this new ruffle sleeves boat neck blouse design is so incredibly sassy! The short, layered, big ruffles will make any blouse stand out and give a very polished appearance. We definitely want you to try this latest sleeve blouse design in 2020.

ruffle sleeve choli designs

ruffle sleeve design for blouse

ruffle sleeves saree blouse ruffle sleeves saree blouse

13. Off-shoulder blouse with ruffled borders

We love how modern designs are being incorporated into traditional sarees in 2020. This off shoulder blouse design with a ruffled neck border is gorgeous indeed! The matching ruffled sleeves border is breezy and makes for a great summery blouse when you’d rather not suffocate your body with tight outfits.

off shoulder frilled blouse design

14. Choker neck blouse patterns

Chokers on their own have always been synonymous with high end fashion. Now with this 2020 choker neck blouse design, you can make your own fashion goals seem that much more nearer. For a night time party, do try this latest neck blouse design. We guarantee you’ll be the star of the evening!

choker neck saree blouse design choker neck saree blouse design

15. Racer Back Blouse

Dare to bare your back? With this 2020 latest blouse designs for the back, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Show off those hours of intense working out in the gym with these uber-cool racer back blouses. You can safely say you wore it first when all your friends start copying this style again!

racer back blouse

racer back saree blouse design

16. Balloon Sleeves Blouse

Loving this elegant, straight balloon-sleeve blouse design with a barely there back neck design. The back neck is kept together with stringy tie up tassels and a lower back tie up knot. The airy fabric with floral designs is prefect for those summer days, don’t you think?

balloon sleeves blouse design

17. Vintage Balloon sleeves blouse with bow-tie

This 90’s style balloon sleeves blouse with a front-bow tie-up neck design is making waves again in 2020! Roll out your cassettes and shimmy to your favorite music in this 90’s Bollywood outfit.

blouse design with bow tie on front

18. Blouse designs with ruffles on the front

If we can have ruffles on our sleeves, why can’t we have ruffles on the front of our blouses?! We don’t follow rules, we invent them! Look your most elegant self with this petite latest 2020 blouse design with ruffles in the front.

front side ruffle saree blouse

19. Blouse design with tie up bow on the shoulder

We’re really adoring this cute shoulder bow tie-up sleeveless latest 2020 blouse design. Looks quite fetching!

saree blouse with tie up blouse on the shoulders saree blouse with tie up blouse on the shoulders (1)

20. Criss cross back blouse with tassels

Inspired by Bollywood item numbers, this 2020 trending back blouse design will never go out of style! The blouse piece is held together by string tassels criss crossing across the back which we think looks extremely steamy. Totally digging this back blouse design!

criss cross back blouse with tassels

21. Embroidered peplum crop top blouse

For the more demure women out there who don’t want to be left behind in the fashion parade, the long sleeve peplum crop top looks very elegant! This classy latest 2020 blouse design with a closed neck looks extremely flattering on all ages and body types. Pair with a sleek bun and dangling earrings for an ultra-chic look.

embroidered peplum crop top

22. V-back neck blouse

Turn heads with this deep V-back neck blouse design that’s going to look gorgeous with your silk blouses! Add some tie up detailing with tassels at the back for more glamor.

v shaped back neck blouse

23. Blouse with ruffle collar and ruffle sleeves

Ruffles ruffles everywhere! What can we do when they look so smart? Choose this ruffle collar and ruffle sleeve latest 2020 blouse design for an ultra-modern quality for yourself.

ruffle collar blouse

24. Frilled off-shoulder blouse

This dainty frilled off-shoulder blouse piece is just perfect for your summer lehengas and sarees. Pastel shades with gold detailing and net ruffles look so beautiful! You’d be a fool to pass up this lovely a blouse design!

off shoulder ruffle blouse

25. Ruffle collar blouse with flared sleeves

Try out this ruffle collar blouse with flared net sleeves for a g

ruffle collar choli with flared sleeves

26. Sheer embroidered designer blouse

We’ve always been in love with the heavily embroidered sheer net blouses. They have once again made their comeback in 2020 with fitted long sleeves and a high neck design for a timelessly classy appearance. Especially alluring in pastel shades and paired with matching net embroidery sarees, these trendy blouse designs are sure to look amazing on everyone!

designer blouse 2020

27. One shouldered blouse with ruffles on one side

Be in vogue with this one shouldered latest 2020 blouse design with big ruffles on one side. Made with lightweight and flowy fabric, the ruffles look really fancy and stand out on their own.

one side ruffle blouse for saris

28. Simple sleeveless blouse with deep back neck

Simplicity is beauty. This could not be far from the truth with this simple sleeveless blouse deep back neck design. Add some tassels, latkans or pompoms to the back blouse design for more quirkiness! Drape a gorgeous organza or net fabric and top with nude makeup for a million dollar look.

sleeveless blouse with saree

29. Exaggerated puff sleeves blouse

We’re loving the high oomph factor with this exaggerated balloon shoulder puff sleeves in hot pink. Way to make a statement in style! Pair with simple floral sarees for an ultra contemporary look.

exaggerated puff sleeves blouse

30. Blouse with attached belt

This new 2020 blouse design with an attached belt is a very sleek way to dress for formal occasions. Be it to the office or for a formal work event, you’ll feel on top of your game in this stylish ensemble.

saree blouse with attached belt

31. Blouse design with gathered neckline

Who said you need to show skin to look sexy? With these gathered lace/net neck blouse designs, you’re sure to look smashing as it is without showing skin at all! This latest maroon, sequined, full sleeve gathered neckline 2020 blouse design seems ready to hit the dance floor!

embroidered blouse with gathered neckline saree blouse with gathered neck

frilled collar saree blouse models

32. Wrap blouse

Wrap-around style blouses are also trending a lot in 2020! Step away from the conventional boring stitched blouse pieces and opt for these trendy wrap blouse patterns.

tie up blouse with one side flap

33. Boat neck blouse with small cut outs on the back

Simple geometrical cut outs on the backs of blouse designs adds an element of funkiness to new 2020 blouse designs. Be it cotton blouses or silk blouses, you can have your pick!

cut out back blouse

34. Blouse designs with small frills on shoulders

Go for this 2020 latest blouse design with small frills on shoulders which looks scintillating in pink! You’re sure to fetch tons of compliments!

sleeveless blouse with frillssleeveless blouse with frills

35. High neck party wear blouse with frills

Can’t get enough of frills with this ice blue-grey high-neck party wear latest blouse design with frills on 3/4 sleeves.

frilled collar blouse with elbow sleeves

36. Sexy backless blouse designs with straps

Make everyone’s jaws drop with these sexy backless blouse designs with straps criss crossing across the back. Blingy straps will raise your sutriness to a whole new level. Go ahead, flaunt those tattoos on your back at your next party!


backless blouse with straps


37. Cold shoulder bishop sleeves blouse design

This lovely cold shoulder organza fabric bishop sleeves new blouse design is something we’re seeing for the first time! The heavy embellishment work on the blouse body along with a tie back bow design makes this blouse totally unique and not looking bad either. Show your creative side with these funky designs at your next house party and your guests will surely appreciate it.

cold shoulder bishop sleeves blouse design

38. Halter Wrap Blouse – Latest Blouse Designs 2020

Sizzle your way through any function, event or party with these sexy halter wrap 2020 neck blouse designs. Elegant and hot at the same time, your men will definitely be eying you appreciatively in these pieces. In addition, go for some blingy details for more depth to the look.

halter neck wrap blouse

39. Puff Sleeves Blouse With Ruffles

Go old-school with these puff sleeves new blouse design with ruffles on the sleeve borders. Short and sweet, if you’re not feeling too adventurous, try this design for a hatke look.

vintage designer puff sleeves blouse

40. Trendy halter neck blouse

Halter neck blouse designs are trending everywhere right now.  Try out this blingy number with strapped back design for your next sangeet night.

trendy halter neck blouse

41. Designer spaghetti strap blouse

designer noodle strap blouse

42. V-Collar neck embellished blouse

Collars make you look more majestic. Opt for this open design V-neck embellished blouse instead of a high closed neck collar that will make you suffocate in the hot summer months! It’ll be one of the best choices you make, we swear!

v collar neck blouse

43. Transparent back blouse with key hole design

This petite 2020 blouse design with transparent back and key hole design looks stunning! Pair with your sheer embroidered sarees for a timeless look. Decorate your sheer back with stones, pearls and embellishments and watch everyone’s heads turn.

transparent back blouse

44. Jacket Blouse

For our more conservative audience, we recommend this jacket style silk blouse with a V collar. The long koti 2020 blouse design will hide your belly fat and make you look smart at the same time! Pair with your puttu or kaanjivaram sarees to elevate them.

jacket blouse with saree

45. Latest Blouse Designs 2020 – Criss cross front neck blouse

This front criss cross neck blouse design incorporated into a halter neck looks superb! Perfect for the urban modern woman who like to be bold in their choices.

saree blouse trends 2020

46. Off-shoulder blouse with multiple bows

Don’t want to look boring? Try this one off- shoulder blouse design with multiple bows for a beautiful break from monotony!

new blouse designs 2020

47. Collared U-neck long sleeves blouse with cut out back design

This collared U-neck long sleeves design with cut out back design will look very stylish. You can opt for a covered back for a more formal  or office look.


blouse back design 2020

48. Stylish Cap Sleeves Blouse Design

Try this square neck cap sleeves latest 2020 blouse design with a delicate string tie up at the back. Add some hanging details on the cap for more drama.

cap sleeves blouse design 2020

49. Blouse with transparent cap sleeves

We recommend this latest blouse design with transparent cap sleeves and embroidery threads hanging from the shoulders. It looks extremely chic and pretty as a picture!

new blouse design 2020

50. Deep V-neck blouse with long puff sleeves

Make a style statement with this V-neck 2020 blouse design with long puff sleeves. Pair with monochrome prints and sarees for an easy on the eye appearance.

deep v neck long puff sleeves blouse

51. Chinese collar embroidered long sleeves blouse

Look your most charming and graceful self with this embroidered chinese collar 2020 blouse neck design with long sleeves. You’ll feel exactly like a royal in this design. Perfect for the winter functions!

high neck embroidered long sleeves blouse

52. Embroidered Chinese collar blouse with scalloped hemline

If you still want to opt for a Chinese collar in the summer, try this cap sleeves chinese collar 2020 blouse design. Additionally, add a scalloped hemline for more vogue.

blouse designs 2020 images

53. Latest Blouse Designs 2020 – Trendy Sculpted blouse

Try these abstract cut-out body-sculpted blouse designs in various shapes that are super trendy! Only for the more daring ladies, mind it!

sculpted blouse for saree

54. Long peplum blouse

For our demure women, we recommend this long peplum style blouse with high neck collar and short sleeves.

long peplum top with sarees

55. Transparent Puff Sleeves Blouse

Absolutely in love with this sage green transparent puff sleeve latest 2020 blouse design with a deep v-neck. The embellishments on the blouse paired with the choker look lovely indeed!

new blouse design images 2020


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