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Six Fabulous Blouse Ideas for a Net Saree!

Net saree is a very sensuous and graceful saree to wear at various festive occasions. It is not as plain as a chiffon saree or as blingy as a kanchi pattu saree. A net saree treads the safe mid path making you look exceptionally beautiful. But many women are confused when it comes to picking a blouse for a net saree. As the net sarees are quite transparent, you will have to be very careful of the kind of blouse you choose. The blouse certainly becomes the highlight in a net saree look. Here are some blouse ideas to help you sort your net saree look.

net saree blousesThese are six blouses that go well with your net saree:

1. Ruffle Collar Neck Blouse

A closed collared neck which has ruffles around neck is a wonderful blouse that makes the net saree look all the more elegant. The closed neck can be made from sheer material or any other material. This is a very formal kind of blouse that doesn’t need any other accessories to complete the look.

closed expandable neck2. Elbow Length Blouse

The most basic blouse pattern, but also the most suitable one for net sarees is an elbow length sleeves blouse. If the blouse is in contrast colour, it will look all the more better. As the neck is deep, you can wear some small jewels on your neck. This look will suit any wedding or festival.

elbow length blouse3. Full Sleeves Blouse

If you want to look a bit more poised, go for a full sleeved blouse with your net saree. The full sleeves along with some frills at the end will look very retro and graceful too. Use satin or georgette material for the blouse at it will make a great contrast with the net saree.

full sleeves blouse4. Bell Sleeves Blouse

Bell sleeves are fun and youthful. If you are attending a friend’s sangeet ceremony or a night event, you can opt for a bell blouse with shimmer on it. It will go well with your net saree. Again, use a contrast colour because that will give your ensemble a depth. Avoid heavy jewellery as this is a chic look.

bell sleeves5. Sheer Back with Motifs

If you want something interesting on your back, you can opt to get a sheer high back. The plain net back can be covered with motifs matching the border of the saree. This will make your blouse look very interesting. You can keep the blouse sleeveless or mini-sleeved.

sheer back with motifs6. Velvet Blouse

Velvet is always an attention seeker. So, if you want your blouse to steal the show, you can use a velvet blouse with your net saree. Go for dark colors like maroon, green and black when you are choosing a velvet blouse for your light coloured net saree.

velvet blouseThese are some of the blouses that you can wear along with your net blouses.



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