Latest Blouse Designs 8 Ultra-Modern Blouse Designs To Go With Your Traditional Sarees!

8 Ultra-Modern Blouse Designs To Go With Your Traditional Sarees!

How long can you wear your traditional sarees with the same old sarees? You have to pep up the look by opting for much modern and new designs that can make the saree classier. There are many blouse designs that are modern. You can pick any of these designs to wear with your silk sarees that next time you want to create a contemporary look.

blouses for traditional sareesThese are the 8 ultra-modern blouse designs for traditional sarees :

1. Criss Cross Neck Blouse

The criss cross neck is a very modern blouse that can go with any type of sarees. This blouse is especially good if you have slender shoulders. And, as the criss cross neck resembles a polo neck, you will not need any neck pieces for the saree. You can just wear a pair of large earrings.

criss cross neck blouse2. Criss Cross Waist Blouse

The criss cross waist is suited for women who love to plait their pallu so the waist design is visible. This is for women who do not shy away from showing off their waist. As the wasit is criss cross, the neck can be of any other design like a collared neck or a high neck. This design again needs no neck pices but only large earrings.

criss cross waist blouse3. Back Bow Blouse

The back should be deep and just a bow to hold the two parts together. This is a very modern, yet simple blouse design that suits any type of saree. The bow can be large, small, fancy or plain depending upon your style and how well it goes with your saree.

bow blouse4. Elbow Length Bell Sleeves Blouse

Bell sleeves look the best when they are elbow length, not short sleeves or not full sleeves. So, having a bell sleeved elbow length blouse will look absolutely chic when you are wearing a traditional saree. The blouse can be of the same colour or of a contrast color.

elbow length bell sleeves blouse5. Peplum Blouse

Peplum blouses are like as though they are custom made for traditional sarees. The peplum blouses run up to almost below your waist. As the waist of these blouses is a bit frilled and enlarged, this is ideal for women who have slender waist and wish to look voluptuous. It’s best to pleat your pallu on one side when you are wearing a peplum blouse to make it visible.

peplum blouse6. Round Back Blouse

A simple, yet very elegant design for a saree blouse is to have a large round back. The round back design will make the back visible, so opt for it only if you are comfortable in showing off you back. This is a very simple design, but works every time you have got to wear a traditional saree in a chic way.

round back blouse7. T Neck Blouse

The ultra-modern design consists of a neck designs which resembles the letter T. the T can be on its own, or it can have net all around it. This is a very suitable design for women with long necks. As the T covers most of your neck, you don’t need any necklace.

T neck blouse8. Contrast Printed Elbow Length Blouse

Simple and it always works. The best way you can look elegant and traditional at the same time is by pairing your saree with a contrast printed blouse that has elbow length sleeves. Try and find very contrasting coloured blouses for your sarees as it will accentuate their look.

contrast printed elbow length blouseThese are some Ultra-Modern Blouse Designs ideas for your traditional sarees.


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