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Five Blouse Styles That Go Well With Any Of Your Festive Sarees!

If there is one time of the year when you get to wear your sarees that is the festive season. As there are one after another festivals lined up, you get a chance to showcase all your magnificent sarees at public gatherings. But, if you are someone who doesn’t have your festive sarees ready yet, do not worry. We bring to you five blouse deigns that can go well with any of your old sarees to make them look brand new. These blouse styles gel with any type of sarees and can create an entirely new saree look.

amazing festive saree blousesSo, let us see the five blouse styles that you ought to have this festive season:

1. The Floral Pattern Blouse

A floral print blouse is simple, yet it matches up with any type of saree that you may bring out of your closet. A simple sleeveless floral print blouse or a short sleeved floral patterned blouse will be ideal with fancy chiffon or georgette sarees. Based on what color the floral print consists of, it goes well with pink, yellow, blue, green and black sarees.

floral blouse2. The Plain Black Blouse

If you have a simple pink or a blue silk saree that doesn’t have a matching blouse, then pull out your plain black blouse. Because a black blouse looks absolutely perfect with any colour and any fabric of saree that you may own. It especially teams up good with a yellow, pink, green, white or a blue saree. Sleeveless black blouses also give you a chance to wear some huge gold jewels that are apt for any festival.

plain black blouse3. The Embroidered Blouse

No matter what colour a blouse is, if it has heavy embroidery work on it, then it can be worn with almost all kinds of sarees of various colours. If you have a heavily embroidered blouse, do not waste it by wearing it only with its matching saree. It can also be mixed and matched with similar or contrast coloured sarees too.

embroidered blouse4. The Cold Shoulder Embellished Blouse

Cold shoulder blouses which have embellishments around the shoulder cut are also regal in look. They can be worn in contrast with sarees that are simple to achieve an elegant look. As the embellishment is itself very grand, you can choose some simple and graceful pieces of jewellery to go with it.

ccold shoulder design blouse5. The Plain Pink Blouse

A plain pink blouse will look absolutely stunning when teamed with silk or handloom sarees of yellow, pink, red, green, blue and white colours. A plain pink blouse is especially handy when you want to re-wear your old silk sarees to achieve a new look. Avoid too much jewelry as this is a very sophisticated look.

sleeveless blouse stylesThese are some of the blouse styles that will come in handy as they match perfectly with any types of sarees.



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