5 Blouse Ideas to Pep up Your Plain Cotton Saree Looks!

Ever skipped wearing a plain cotton saree just because it was too plain? This blog post is especially for those who give up on the cotton sarees just because they are not extravagant enough. You do not have to stop wearing them because they can be pepped up through many ways to beat any other grand saree for any day. Especially when you wear them with a stylish blouse which will make up for the simplicity of the saree.

blouses for cotton sareesHere are five blouse ideas to pep up the a simple cotton saree look –

1. Back Design Blouse

If you are wearing a plain cotton saree, you can accentuate its beauty by wearing a blouse that has intricate designs embroidered on the back of it. The blouse can be matching or contrast to the saree. It will look absolutely stunning and makes the look more exciting. If the blouse has a high back, it will be all the more noticeable and can have heavy work on it.

back design blouse2. Black Blouse

Whatever the saree color or pattern, a cotton saree can never go wrong when worn along with a plain black blouse. It is elegant and posh. The black blouse can be sleeveless or full sleeved according to your preference. Just centre part your hair and make a back bun to look absolutely classy.

black blouse3. Neck Design Blouse

The neck of the blouse is often the most neglected area as we opt for designs on the back or the sleeves. But having embroidery or embellished neck border will make the blouse fancier and more suitable for simple sarees. If you have elaborate designs on the neck, you can avoid designs anywhere else on the blouse.

neck design blouse4. Patterned Blouse

A simple cotton saree looks really good when paired with a contrast colored printed blouse. The prints and the color of the blouse should be in contrast with the saree to make it look sort of appealing. So, if you have a blue saree, go for a yellow print blouse and if you have a black saree, choose a blue colored printed blouse.

patterned blouse5. Sleeveless Blouse

If you are confused about the pattern of blouse to choose, you can pick the sleeveless blouse. If you have slender shoulders, you can never go wrong with a sleeveless blouse as it blends well with any type of cotton saree. You can either pick a monochrome matching sleeveless blouse or a contrast sleeveless blouse.

sleeveless blouse for cotton sareeThese are some of the blouse designs that can make a simple cotton saree look elegant.

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