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Bring Out Your Floral Blouses This Season

The graceful floral blouses have made a major comeback this season and you just don’t need any reason to flaunt them. Amp up any plain saree or team up your designer sarees with bold printed floral blouses. They add a very graceful and vintage touch to your saree look. Read more to know about the different ways to style them.

floral print saree blouse designs

The classic floral blouses are a statement by itself, so wearing a plain floral blouse will do all the talking. But you can also enhance it with laces, patchwork, buttons and different neck styles.

plain saree with floral blouseplain saree with floral blouse

FLORAL SAREE BLOUSE DESIGNSfloral print saree blouse designs

Floral blouses can instantly elevate your saree look. If not your entire blouse, you could also add a touch of floral print to your sleeves, shoulders or a patchwork out of the print.

floral print saree blouse designs


Floral printed blouses in boat necks, high necks, collars, or any plain necklines are extremely versatile and suitable to any age. Wear them as crop tops with your long skirts, style them with your lehengas or simply wear them as your saree blouses.

The floral blouses are in trend since quite some time and are definitely here to stay. The multi colored options and evergreen print is what makes it all the more versatile.

floral print saree blouse designs floral print saree blouse designs


The evergreen print can be incorporated on not just your saree blouses but also on your saree borders or the entire outfit itself. Floral printed sarees, anarkalis, lehengas are back and does not seem to fade away anytime soon. The vibrant and happy print works on almost any outfit and helps you to carry it with grace and style.

plain saree with floral blouse

So if you are looking for a very easy to maintain, transitional and trendy blouse, then the floral blouses are the way to go. So dig out your wardrobe and bring the floral printed blouses out to make a lasting impression. Or if you do not own one yet, go ahead and invest in this timeless classic now.

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