Blouse Designs 2018 6 Patterns Of Must Have Boat Neck Blouses

6 Patterns Of Must Have Boat Neck Blouses

When we talk about trends there are some trends that wave in and out. Some that are on for a long time and some which are almost timeless. These timeless trends are picked up quite fast and innovated by customizing it to one’s taste and compatibility. One such timeless option is the boat neck blouse design. Something that has been around for ages, but has come back so strong these boat neck blouse patterns have been twisted and turned so much and each of these twists and turns have been enjoyed by one and all. Here are 6 patterns of boat neck blouse designs that you must try.

must have boat neck blouse designs1. Sleeveless Boat Neck Blouses

For starters the easiest and most worn boat neck blouses are the simple plain ones without sleeves. They are a boat neck front and back with maybe a tear drop shape cut out for some added glam. These blouses can match almost all kinds of sarees right from a plain chiffon to a fancy organza.

Boat Neck Blouses2. Full Sleeves Boat Neck Blouses

As fun as it is to wear the sleeveless option, try the full sleeved boat neck option especially with cotton and natural fabric sarees for that touch of elegance.

Boat Neck Blouses3. Netted Boat Neck Blouses

An addition of a sheer fabric of the same color or contrast to the back or the first 2-3 inches from the start of the neckline gives the blouse a very dramatic finish.

Boat Neck Blouses4. Cut work Boat Neck Blouses

For both heavy and plain sarees, pairing it up with a boat neck blouse with interesting cut work is in vogue for a while now. Add some bling by adding contrast cut work or cut work in tones in gold and silver to pair up a majority of sarees.

Boat Neck Blouses5. Boat Neck Blouses For Traditional Silk Sarees

So if you feel that boat neck blouses are just for fancy sarees, you are wrong. We are sure you would have seen umpteen numbers of people wearing boat neck blouses with their traditional sarees. It is a great match for traditional sarees and options like blouses of brocade and maggam embroidery.

Boat Neck Blouses6. Cold Shoulder Boat Neck Blouses

If you are someone who likes to try out trends when they come to the market, doing the cold shoulder with boat neck is like combining two trends into one. Something that will work with all kind of fancy sarees this is a must try.

Boat Neck BlousesHope these boat neck blouse designs has given you guys complete goals as to what to try out for your next blouse!!



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