Blouse Back Neck designs 2017 Make Heads Turn With Statement Back Neck Designs

Make Heads Turn With Statement Back Neck Designs

With endless varieties of blouse designs to choose from the most important aspect in a blouse is the right balance between the saree and the blouse and of course the perfect fit. Team up your traditional sarees with traditional blouse designs and add some style to your designer sarees with trendy statement back neck blouses. Today in this post we bring you some statement back neck saree blouse designs.

Cut Out Back Neck Blouses

Try out bold cut outs on your back neck blouses. Go for different shapes and sizes with embroidery around to create a concept. You could also experiment with various patterns using the blouse borders or laces.

Cut Out Back Neck Blouses 4

Fringes, tassels, sheer net and buttons are wonderful choices to experiment on your back neck of your blouses. They can be easily pulled off with even a plain saree or a heavy designer saree.

Cut Out Back Neck Blouses 3

If you want to add a statement element to your back neck blouses then the dramatic bows are the way to go. Bow tie ups help you get the perfect fit and also give you a good grip on your back necks.

Cut Out Back Neck Blouses 2 Cut Out Back Neck Blouses 1

Delicate borders or laces can be attached on the cut outs of your back neck. They are a very creative form of embellishment and will also help you achieve a good fit.

From dramatic bows, borders, laces, fringes to tassels, it’s all about adding a statement element to the back neck of your blouse or simply use a different variety of fabric enhanced with buttons to achieve the dressy look. Sometimes leaving the entire blouse plain and simple with a bold cut out will also make heads turn. So go ahead and flaunt your designer sarees with trendy blouses.


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