4 Types Of Saree Blouses Every Girl Needs To Know About

Saree Blouses are always tricky. It is always a never ending dilemma about what sort of blouse to wear with the saree and if it will go with it or look weird. Ladies, your worries are legit so here we bring you the four types of blouses and the much-needed information about them you’re waiting for!

4 types of saree blouse designs every girl need to know

1. The elbow length sleeves blouse

Blouses with elbow length are what everyone could go for when they are not sure about what goes with the sarees. So you can always opt for this design whenever you like. They are also very good at hiding the extra bulk in your arms so this type of blouses are a complete win-win, ladies.


2. Full Sleeve blouses

These blouses are simply classic. They can look elegant and look dressy if you can add some embellishments to them. These will particularly look amazing on tall girls. Plus, they are also perfect for all sort of occasions and give you a very classy look.  Here are three perfect pictures you can get inspired from. The lace blouse, which gives quite a feminine look, and the sheer blouse by Tamannah is quite a model, and the embellished one by Priyanka is just perfection!

full-sleeved-blouses3. Halter neck blouses

Halter necks add a modern look to your saree. Plus, they will make your shoulders and the neck look amazing and distract if you are hip-heavy. You can totally wear them with all sarees alike and if you have a halter neck top that can always go with the Indo-western style and completely rock it. A little lipstick, some chandelier earrings that match your outfit, and you’ll be the stunner of the night!
halter neck saree blouse designs

4. Off shoulder blouse

Off shoulder trend is always cool. It is ruling these days and it is everywhere. Recently, Tollywood’s sweetheart Samantha Ruth Prabhu wore an off shoulder blouse for her engagement and showed us all how to rock the style.

off shoulder saree blouse designs


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