5 Looks You Can Wear To Office This Summer

Summer in India, and especially in south India is hard. The scorching heat is very hard to tolerate. The coastal areas are even hotter and sunnier! Basically, this season is a mess. There is a copious amount of sweating, that ruins our makeup, and not to tell how horrid it looks when you’re around with smudged kohl. There is no lessening the heat, but however, you can tweak your outfit ideas a bit for an easy breezy summer look.

1. Skirts for the win

Skirts are perfect for summer. They are airy and cool. Not pencil skirts though. Get some A line skirts to win through the season. Pair it up with a neatly presses button down shirt, or a neat top, tuck it under the skirt and you’re ready to go!


2. Palazzos in this summer

Denim and tight trousers are a big no for the summer. They stick to your body and make your skin irritated which can even rise into some skin problems. So the safe alternative is palazzos. Get a cute sleeveless top to go with your palazzo , add a long necklace, pull your hair into a braid and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, ¬†you can even opt for the culottes.


3. Maxis to save your day

Maxi dresses do the same job as the skirts. They are easy to carry and they look very elegant too. So go for the maxis. Styling them is easy too. All you will need is some lipstick and mascara and put on a side braid or even a high ponytail and you’re sorted for the day!


4. Summer dresses

Summer dress, the name says it all. And if you’re wondering how you’re gonna wear summer dresses to the office, as they basically show off a lot of skin, the solution is a jacket. Or even a button down shirt does the job, take notes from Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi.



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