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How To Wear Bralettes And Crop Tops With Sarees

Sarees are love and we all agree upon that fact. They instantly give you class, when you wear that silk saree and give glam when you wear that satin flowy one. Over time, we wore saree in many ways and it still stands as the epitome of beauty. So today, let’s see how we can modernize our saree and wear it with crop tops and bralettes and rock that look like a boss!

Crop tops

Crop tops have become the favorite clothing of girls since quite a lot of time. They can be teamed up with anything. Jeans or a mini skirt, Lehenga or a long skirt, it works perfectly fine with everything. So why not try with a saree?

Here, to give us inspiration is Jacqueline Fernandez. She wore a cropped t-shirt with her saree and rocked it. She kept it all simple and classy with her hair and makeup. The saree she wore was pretty basic but the cropped t-shirt as a blouse and the draping of it got all the attention and the brownie points.


Sonam Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri’s crop top style blouses are well received by the fashion critics. Especially Nargis’s. She cleverly teamed her plain saree with an embellished cropped top style blouse and looked amazing in it. And Sonam, our fashionista rocked the style with a denim crop top and saree like she always does.


The key to wearing crop tops with sarees is minimalism and the right choice of fabrics and the style. So try to be minimalistic when experimenting with them.


Bralettes are very very pretty and there is no denial in it. They can be worn under sheer tops and they’d look fantastic like that. They can be even used just as crop tops too! However, Kareena Kapoor must be given full credits for starting the bralette blouse trend. She is seen in the bralette blouses very often and she rocks it.She always keeps the full coverage pieces to avoid any malfunctions and tries to avoid any embellishments on them and keep them as simple as possible. The bralette blouses enhance your back and make you appear taller, adding a dash of instant glam to your outfit.

And then joined Katrina Kaif and she looked amazing in the style!


Here girls, is how you can wear a saree with crop tops and bralettes. However, make sure that whatever you’re wearing fits you correctly to avoid any fat bulges or wardrobe malfunctions.





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