Mistakes We Do While Wearing Jeans

Denim is one of the main staples in our clothing. It is easy to style and extremely comfortable too, which is why it is everyone’s favorite. However, we tend to do some mistakes while wearing jeans and here they are.

1. Not wearing the right fit

One of the biggest mistakes we do while wearing jeans is not wearing the right fit of jeans. Anything that is too loose will make your legs look bulkier and shapeless. While anything too tight will make you uncomfortable to move around all day. Therefore, always try to wear jeans that fits you. Buy it only when you feel comfortable moving around in it.

Fjeans12. Wearing bright colored denim

So it had become a trend of wearing bright colored trousers a few years earlier. You saw people wearing bright orange, neon green and other colored jeans. This is not much of a good decision girls. These trousers when worn out may look tacky and there aren’t many places or occasions when you can wear them. Stars like Deepika Padukone made this faux pas and received flak for it!

bright-colored-jeans3. Wearing Baggy and Bulky denim

Like we said, denim looks good when you have the right fit of it. Wearing too loose, baggy and bulky denim will spoil the whole look. However, to that extra room, you can always opt for boyfriend jeans and style it with a tank top. Tuck the top in and you can rock the look. But opting the too loose, baggy and flared denim will only make your look shabby.

baggy-jeans-flared4.Choosing the right rise

Denim puts a lot of focus on your legs. So you need to be careful while choosing the rise, according to your body type. For example, it is recommended for the petite girls to wear high rise jeans, which makes legs look longer and gives them a great shape. You also need to take care of the tops and shirts you wear while wearing low rise jeans. Also, please remember that various brands have various fits in the same sizes so always try them before buying them!



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