Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees Elbow length sleeved blouse designs to go with Kanjeevaram sarees!

Elbow length sleeved blouse designs to go with Kanjeevaram sarees!

Among all the blouse trends that has made a come-back, elbow length sleeved blouses is one trend to love. They have a certain ethnic charm to them that can add plenty of glamour to a saree attire. And when your saree is a kanjeevaram, elbow length sleeved blouses are perhaps the best way to go. It is no surprise that a whole lot of people are opting to sleeve up till the elbows for their kanjeevaram sarees lately. Here are a few elbow length sleeved blouse designs that can look great with your kanjeevarams.

elbow length blouses 1

The best way to wear a revived trend is the way it was worn back in the olden days – with no work or anything else but just a border at the end of the sleeves. Some of our pretty ladies show us how to do that.

elbow length blouses with border

Gaurang Shah shows us yet another gorgeous way to wear our elbow length sleeved blouses – a plain blouse made out of the border colour with a good amount of work done on them. Check out these designs of his.

elbow length printed otton blouses with kanjeevarams

As most brides are opting for lately, adding plenty of work to the sleeves and the rest of your elbow length sleeved blouses is a great way to match them with your kanjeevarams as well, especially if it’s your wedding.

elbow length blouses with heavy work

Loved these designs? Do share with us if you’ve got more ideas on matching elbow length sleeved blouses with kanjeevarams!



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