Stunning Velvet Blouse Designs You Should Try Out This Festive Season!

Velvet, a fabric fit for the kings and queens has been used since centuries and has been put to many uses ever since it was invented – one of them being weaving some beautifully designed blouses for our sarees. Velvet blouses on sarees, which have been all the rage about a decade ago, have now made a major come-back and this time in a whole lot of amazing designs and with some really gorgeous work done on them.

velvet blouse designs feat

Here is a collection of some of the best patterns and designs that velvet blouses we’ve laid our eyes on. And surely, these beautiful velvet blouse designs are worth trying out for the upcoming festive season.

Velvet and gold make for a regal and exquisite combination and when used on blouses, they can make just about any saree look pretty. Here are some ideas on how you can blend the duo.

velvet blouse designs

velvet blouse designs

Adding some silver, stone and mirror work to your velvet blouse can do wonders in amping up their beauty.

velvet blouse designs with 3/4th sleeves

Just like lace or sheer is capable of adding a certain intricate beauty to any fabric, it can make a velvet blouse look all the more pretty when attached to it and here’s proof!

sheer velvet blouse designs

While we wouldn’t suggest you go full-sleeved on velvet blouses during hot weathers, for all the gorgeous-ness they add to a blouse, they’re definitely worth trying out now and then.

full-sleeved velvet blouse designs

Going sleeveless and getting a high-collar done on your velvet blouse can add a certain elegance to your saree attire, especially if there’s some work done on the blouses.

sleeveless and high collared velvet blouse designs

So which one of these designs are you going try out?



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