blouse designs 2015 Gorgeous gold blouses you should flaunt this wedding season!!

Gorgeous gold blouses you should flaunt this wedding season!!

For all their versatility and gorgeousness, just any number of gold blouses that we own isn’t too much, especially if sarees are your go-to outfit for just about every occasion. And this is why, we’ve collaged some pretty¬†gold blouses. Scroll, check them out and get your dose of gold-spiration!

Gold blouses with net

Sheer has always been pretty when woven into blouses but especially so with gold blouses. Add some sheer fabric to your gold blouses and get some pretty work done on the sheer part and you’ll see your saree attire transform to look magically beautiful.

Gold blouses with embellishments

Stone or mirror work can do plenty of good to your gold blouses. Heavily stone worked or mirror worked blouses can look great on just about any saree you pick adding a whole lot of gorgeousness to them.

Gold blouses with mirrors and net Gold blouses designs

Just about any work can look great on gold blouses and dousing them with plenty of work can make them look extremely grand while also being super-versatile at the same time.

Gold blouses with heavy work

Gold is the go-to colour for weddings this season and if you haven’t got some wonderful gold blouses filling up your wardrobe already, you should definitely go get them made to flaunt them the coming up wedding season!

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