Pick The Right Maang Tikka As Per The Shape Of Your Face!

Maangtika or mathapatti as per your Face shape
Maang tikkas add that missing touch of glamour to the look. They can literally oomph up your style and add so much grandeur to the outfit. But not every maang tikka is for everyone. As it is a jewellery that highlights your face in the best possible way. Thus, knowing the best kind of maang tikak that suits your face shape is also important. From the sea of beautiful designs available, it is quite a task to pick one that suits your face shape. From gorgeous oversized ones, multi-strands to Borla – here’s how to pick the best one.
Pick The Right Maangtika For Your Face ShapeHere’s how you can pick the right maang tikka as per your face shape –

Oval Shape Face

Maangtika as per your Face shapeIf you have an oval-shaped face then you get to experiment with literally any style of maang tikka! An oval face is symmetrical and considered easiest to style a maangtikka. So you can keep exploring various types of maang tikkas as per the trends. From small pendant, Borla, Jhoomar or multi-strand Mathapatti – you can pick anything. Big or small, everything suits your face!

Round Shape Face

Maangtika or mathapatti as per your Face shapePeople with round shape face can’t experiment much as everything adds to the chubbiness. Avoid placing it on your forehead! Instead push-back your Mathapatti so it doesn’t cut off height from your face. Avoid any Mathapatti which has a big pendant and opt for styles with a lot of drop trinkets. If Mathapatti isn’t your style, then the next best thing is a Borla! They look equally stunning for a round face.

Square Shape Face

Do you have a square face with prominent jawline and cheekbones? Then your choice of maang tikka should be something that softens these sharp features. Your perfect choices would either be a chunky front maang tikka or a Passa for a minimalistic yet bold choice. This would shift the focus off of your sharp features and make your square face look subtle and poise.

Heart Shape Face

With a wide forehead and a pointed chin, if your face is heart-shaped, you should pick a maang tikka that highlights your jawline. Mathapatti or maang tikka with multi-strands and chains would look gorgeous for your face shape. Ditch the thick Mathapatti and pick the delicate ones with multi-chains. Also, a crescent-shaped maang tika would be an equally amazing choice to camouflage your wide forehead. You can also try a wide round and chunky pendant style Maang tikkas.

Oblong Shape Face

If you have a long and narrow face then a chunky maang tikka would be the perfect choice for you. Mathapatti, broad pendants and chunky maang tikka will add some width to your face and will make you look stunning. Just like the Oval face shape, you are also free to experiment with various types but remember to pick chunky ones. Go audaciously for big, elaborated or bold Mathapatti and pendants that are round. Refrain from anything angular or long as they will end up making your face look even longer.
Lastly, it is important to know your face shape so that you can wisely pick the right style of maang tikka. We hope these above-mentioned styles help you in knowing which maangtikka suits your face shape the best!
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