Stunning Festive Blouse Collection By Sayanti Ghosh!

Embroidered blouses and designs are a trend these days. Sayanti Ghosh, a designer from West Bengal has taken the art of embroidered blouses up a notch. With colorful floral embroidered blouse patterns, in other words – she creates magic! Sayanti  Ghosh launched her festive blouse collection for Durga Puja and they are breathtaking! These embroidered festive blouses are worth checking out –

latest festive blouse designs by sayanti ghosh

Sayanti Ghosh festive Saree Blouse Collection:

Aparajita Embroidered Blouse

festive blouse collection for durga puja


Aparjita flowers are stunning blue flowers that look like butterfly wings. This beautiful floral blouse has embroidery all over the back that creeps onto the shoulder.

Bougainvillea Embroidery

embroidered blouse designs durga puja collection 2019

The Bougainvillea floral embroidery all over the back of the blouse is a stunning piece! With elbow-length sleeves, there are a couple of Bougainvillea motifs on the shoulder too.

Chandramallika Flowers

latest embroidered blouse designs 2019 (5)

This one is a Chandramallika or Chrysanthemum embossed embroidery done on a checkered blouse! You can totally wear this blouse with a line saree this festive season.

Kaagaz Ke Phool

latest 3d floral embroidered blouse designs 2019

These Kagaj Ke Phool – Pink Bougainvillea are commonly sighted! But who could have imaged it embroidered on a blouse? This pattern from Sayanti Ghosh’s collection is a 3D embroidered blouse. It looks marvelous on an off-white festive blouse, doesn’t it?

Gingko Leaves embroidery blouse by Sayanti Ghosh

ruffle sleeves embroidered blouse designs 2019

Sayanti took Gingko tree leaves as her inspiration for this festive blouse. And see how wonderful the embroidery turned out! The blouse has a flare sleeved-hemline that looks so chic.

Vibrant Festive Blouses by Sayanti Ghosh

floral embroidered blouse designs 2019 (1, festive blouse designs by sayanti ghosh floral embroidered blouse designs 2019 (1)

The scattered Kaagaz ke Phool designs come in three graceful and trendy combinations. White Bougainvillea on a pink blouse, pink Bougainvillea on a yellow colored blouse

Shiuli / Parijat Embroidery Knot back blouse

floral embroidered knot back blouse durga puja collection


Shiuli or Parijaatak are also known as Night-flowering Jasmine are the delicate flowers. Sayanti’s festive blouse collection included these floral embroideries. Along with the embroidery, it has a chic back-knotted blouse pattern.

Fish embroidery blouse by Sayanti Ghosh

fish embroidered blouse design sayanti ghosh

Fishes embroidered diagonally on the blouse’s back fits in the festive blouse collection. Fishes hold a lot of importance to Bengalis and Durga Puja, and this blouse is sure to grab a lot of attention!

Morning Dew

floral embroidered blouse design sayanti ghosh

Shiuli floral embroidery all over the stunning sleeveless-backless blouse looks edgy and trendy! For instance, wear it with a simple cotton or linen saree to enhance the festive blouse’s beauty.

Bird of Paradise Flower Embroidery

funky embroidered blouse design sayanti ghosh (1)

Bird of Paradise Flower looks appealing when embroidered on a black Khadi blouse. For instance, this floral festive blouse works great with a bright yellow or red saree.

Durga Puja Embroidery Blouse

durga embroidered saree blouse

This is probably one of the most elaborately rich festive blouse embroidery in the entire collection. Nicely embroidered on the blouse’s back is the entire setup of Durga Puja. And therefore, it looks worth a million dollars!

Hibiscus Floral Embroidery

new model embroidery blouse designs

Hibiscus flowers are specially offered during Durga Puja. As they symbolize the cosmic womb of Maa Kaali. However, keeping the significance intact, the festive blouse collection has this Hibiscus floral embroidery.

Floral Creeper embroidery blouse by Sayanti Ghosh

simple embroidery blouse designs

Floral creeper embroidery along the hemline of the blouse’s back neck looks exquisite. Embroidered on a stunning yellow silk blouse, the vertical creeping floral embroider is charismatic!

Sanganeri Print Motif

durga puja collection festive blouses


This embroidery is skillfully inspired by the famous Sanganeri print motif and looks elegant! Above all, embroidery done on the Chanderi blouse is a fancy blend of trend and tradition.

Sayanti Ghosh displayed a beautiful festive blouse collection this Durga Puja. In conclusion, these blouses are worth checking out!


Sayanti Ghosh Designer Studio – 098040103490


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