12 Awesome Plain Saree with Designer Blouse Ideas

Plain Sarees which were highly trending back in the late 80s are back in vogue now, only, this time, we have them teamed with stunningly beautiful designer, work blouses. Gorgoeus, heavy worked upon blouses that are being made lately are best worn with plain sarees to have their grandeur completely show-cased. Here are some amazing ways in which you can team up a plain saree with designer blouse.

1.Plain Saree with Matching High Neck Embroidered Blouse

The best way to wear any embroidered blouse is to team it up with a plain saree and when it’s a high neck embroidered blouse, teaming it up with a plain saree can make it look its beautiful best.

plain_saree_with_designer_blouse plain_sarees_with_designer_blouse2. Plain Saree with Contrast Color Embellished High Neck Blouse

To add that little bit of zing to your plain saree, match it up with a contrast coloured blouse. Matching it up with a high neck, embroidered contrast coloured blouse is one of the best ways to wear it.



3. Plain Saree with Floral print Blouse

Floral blouses are all the rage lately. And the best way to wear a floral blouse is to team it up with a plain chiffon saree with a thin border. That way, you can accentuate the beautiful floral prints of your blouse.

plain_saree_with_floral_print_blouse plain_sarees_with_floral_print_designer_blouse

4. Plain Saree with Quirky Printed Blouse

If you are a fan of disney and animations, who says that you can’t wear them with your saree? Team up your plain saree with a quirky animated blouse. Although colour combinations don’t really matter in such cases, you should see to it that they go along with each other.


5. Plain Saree with Heavy Work Designer Blouse

The best way to revv up the look of your heavily-worked-upon designer blouse is to team it up with a plain saree. That way, you won’t go overboard with the work on your blouse while making it look beautiful.

plain_saree_with_heavy_work_designer_blouse6. Plain Saree with Mirror Work Blouse

Ever since mirror work blouses were first worn in the 1970’s and 80’s, they have always been teamed up with a plain saree for the reason that that is best way to make them look their best. There could however be a thin line of mirrors along the border of the saree.

plain_saree_with_mirror_work_blouse7. Plain Saree with Net Blouse

Net blouse and plain saree although seems like a monotonous combination, can actually look really good if some work was done on the blouse and if it was stitched into some pretty design that stands out.

plain_saree_with_designer_choli plain_saree_with_net_designer_blouse

8. Plain Saree with Brocade Blouse

A brocade blouse can not just be teamed with a Kanjeevaram saree but also with a plain saree. Chiffon as well as cotton sarees which are plain can go really well with brocade blouses. Here’s proof!

plain_saree_with_contrast_brocade_blouse plain_sarees_with_brocade_deisgner_blouse

9. Plain Saree with Designer Boat Neck Blouse

Yet another one of gorgeous designr blouses that you can team up your plain saree with is a boat neck blouse with some good amount of beautiful embroidery near the neck.

plain_saree_with_boat_neck_designer_blouse10. Plain Saree with Metallic Blouse

Such is the grandeur of metallic blouses is that the only way we can make them look beautiful is to wear them with a plain saree. Nargis and Kareena shows us how you can team a metallic blouse with a plain saree!

plain_saree_with_metallic_blouse11. Plain Saree with Kutch Work Blouse

Kutch work blouses, in all their beauty look their best when they are worn over a plain saree alone. Due to the reason that kutch work often tends to look heavy, the best way to wear them is with a plain saree.

plain_sarees_with_kutch_work_gujri_blouse12. Plain Saree with High Neck Maharani Blouse

The Maharani blouse, with collar and heavy work all over the neck and the sleeves is yet another blouse that looks its best when worn with a plain blouse.


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  3. I bought same saree from aavaranaa. Plain cotton sarees are perfect for summer days, even every season. You have to keep in mind that with plain saree you cant use heavy designer blouse.
    Blue one is really beautiful. Nice collection.

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