Beautiful Gota Patti work patterns to adorn your blouses with!

If you want your blouse to look all shiny and glittery and yet classy and beautiful, getting gota patti work done on it can help you with just that! We owe it to Rajasthan for giving us a plenty of desi fabrics, works and designs to adorn ourselves in and one of them is the artsy gota patti work. For all its beauty, gota patti work is now widely spread into the country. Undoubtedly, it can add a whole lot of grandeur and prettiness to your saree attire.

gota patti work on blouses feat image

Gota patti worked blouses go really well with nearly all sarees – kanjeevarams and simpler, chiffon sarees as well. Here are some pretty gota patti work patterns you should try out with your sarees.

Getting a flower shaped gota patti work done all over your blouse is one way to go.

gota patti work patterns on blouses

gota patti work designs on blouses

And here are more gota patti work blouses, with work done all over the front and back of the blouse for them to look stunning.

gota patti work patterns on blouses

High collared blouses with gota patti work on them can look really classy & elegant and here’s proof!

gota patti work on collar blouses gota patti work patterns on blouses

Got any more ideas in which you can get gota patti work done on blouses? Do share them with us!



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