Elbow Length Sleeves Maggam Work Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

maggam work pattu saree blouse designs

Maggam embroidered elbow length sleeves blouse designs for pattu sarees.

High Neck Maggam Work Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Blouse designs are the most crucial element of a traditional saree look. So with the high neck elbow sleeve patterns soaring higher, we have rounded out some evergreen high back neck elbow sleeves maggam embroidery blouse designs for you to make a statement with your pattu sarees.

high neck maggam work blouse for pattu sarees

high neck maggam work blouse for pattu sarees
High Neck Maggam Work Blouse Designs


The Timeless Style: Puff Sleeve Blouses

Puff sleeve blouses have been around like forever. They have probably undergone variations like those raised puff sleeves in the nineties or the vintage gauzy puff sleeves back in the past. Nonetheless puff sleeve blouses remind us all of something girly and so this is a popular choice when we give a blouse pattern.

puff sleeve blouses puff sleeve blouses

Puff sleeve blouses are a perfect bridal choice as they give that coy feminine appeal to it. Though there are multiple ways to get his done we are a little partial to the short sleeve with that delicate puff which has been pleated and folded and stitched into the sleeve so

A Petite Girl’s Guide To Wear Pattu Sarees

Pattu sarees are love. They make you transform from the girl next door to royalty in moments. Still don’t believe me? Come on, Haven’t you watched Devasena in Bahubali yet? All her pattu sarees gave us #goals, didn’t they? Now, it’s all fun to wear pattu sarees when you’re as tall as Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone. But what if you’re petite? Well, Here is a guide on how to wear them!

1. Go with subtle prints

Rule number one, never go for bulky printed sarees if you’re petite. They will not only look gaudy, but will also look odd on you. Since the prints are big, they overwhelm you and make you look even shorter and smaller. So try wearing things with no prints or small prints. Also, Take care of the borders. Some borders are big and beautiful. But unfortunately, these aren’t for the petite people. Therefore ladies, stay away from the big borders. They will cut inches off your height and will make you look odd. So try to stick to the borders of bright colors which are small.


2. Choose the right material

6 Stunning Contrast Blouse Combinations for Kanjeevaram Sarees

When we decide to wear a Kanjeevaram saree we try not to disrupt the balance much. In other words we wear a blouse that has the colors of the saree or a gold blouse. For sarees that are of a single color with zari all over we stick to the saree color. For a change try out a contrast blouse. It will elevate the entire look. Here are some apt contrast blouse combinations for Kanjeevaram sarees.

1. Red and Blue

For a red Kanjeevaram which surely is a part of all wardrobes instead of a regular red pairing, try a blue blouse. Heavy work blouses, elbow length anything will work with the powerful contrast combination. The same thing will work for a deep blue saree paired with a nice red blouse.

red_kanjeevaram saree with contrast blue blouseblue-kanjeevaram-saree-with-contrast-red-blouse 2. Purple and Orange