9 Best Tips To Achieve Glowing Skin In Summer!

Glowing skin in summer is a major concern and is considered next to impossible. Achieving glowing skin in summers is a real struggle. Applying heavy makeup and a ton of skincare will never help you until and unless you don’t follow these tips. The best tips to achieve glowing skin in summer are revealed below. Check them out.

1. Stock up on sunscreens and don’t miss it

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One of the best tips to achieve healthy and glowing skin in summers is to stock yourself with enough sunscreens. If you are an office going person who is always under the sun, then you must grab a lot of them. The importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed out enough. Apply it whenever heading out in the sun and re-apply it after 4-5 hours. Radiant and lustrous skin will touch your feet if you just follow this tip.

2. WaterBeauty Tips For Skin

Staying hydrated is the foremost step to achieve the skin you want. In summers our body often feels dehydrated because of less consumption of water. Get yourself a portable and lightweight bottle to carry along. Water maintains hydration in the body and skin which is a must.

3. Adopt No-Foundation makeup routine

Summer is the season when things may get clumsy and irritating anytime soon. The same goes with the makeup as well. heavy makeup in summers have no place and therefore they don’t stick to your face. So, it is advisable to adopt a summer-appropriate makeup routine. The no foundation makeup look which is so much in trend nowadays is perfect for summers.

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Get the perfect no-makeup look in 2 minutes

Just get done with your CTM and apply a layer of sunscreen on your face. Now to get that extra glow, apply concealer on acne scars/ spots or pigmented area if any. To finish the look a matte loose powder will do the job so pat it on your face gently. Grab a lip balm which has SPF in it and go ahead with a slight tint of nude lipstick. For the eyes, one can apply kajal and be a minimalistic yet sassy person.

4. Toners are a must have

Open and large pores are successful in attracting dirt, dust and impurities from the environment. But, keeping them away is our job. So, to get clean, supple and glowing skin one should invest in a good toner. Toners are water-based products which have essential antioxidants in them. They are needed by our skin anytime and every time. So, one should get good quality and summer appropriate toner for them.

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Try the best DIY Toners for glowing skin

Here are some DIY toner recipes that you must definitely try this summer to achieve radiant skin in no time. Boil a good amount of green tea leaves for 10 minutes and extract the water in a spray bottle. The green tea mist/toner is ideal in removing acne, pimples and dark spots in summer. The same can be done with neem leaves as well. To restore the pH level of your skin mix Apple Cider Vinegar with water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the mist all over your face and you are good to go.

5. Exfoliation will do miracles

One of the major requirements in summer is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is a gentle process and one should do it twice or thrice a week. Maintaining healthy and glowing skin in summers is definitely a task but one can complete it by exfoliation. Dead skin cells often stick to our body and are not eliminated with the use of soap or face wash. So, to remove the dead skin cells one should exfoliate the body as well as a face at least twice a week.


Glowing SkinSugar body scrubs are perfect in summers for that extra shine and lustre. Scrubs that contain coffee and oatmeal also work really well for all the skin types in summer. So, get a scrub for yourself and exfoliate your skin to reveal its shine and radiance.

6. Moisturizer

Let me break this myth right here that we should not wear moisturizers in summers. I mean why we are developing this myth because summers make you look greasy and irritated sometimes. One should observe their moisturizers in summers because summer calls for lightweight and oil-free moisturizer. So, change your moisturizer first and start applying in now and then. The difference will be visible in one go after changing the moisturizer you used previously.

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Get a lightweight moisturizer which is non-sticky and non-greasy for your skin. A moisturizer which has a little SPF will always work really well on the skin. Just lock the moisture in and make your skin look glowing and fiery.

7. Suck out the impurities with a Mud Mask

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In summers it tends to happen that we sweat a lot and dirt and impurities make their bed on our skin. To remove them, you need a mud or clay mask. A clay or mud mask is an effective one and probably the best for the summer season. Just get one of them and try to use them at least twice a week. Clay masks suck the impurities and dirt from the skin leaving it crystal clear and clean. Achieving glowing skin in summer is never a hurdle if you have a good mud mask.

8. A balanced diet is a must

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Apart from trying all the tips to achieve glowing skin, one should also focus on a good diet. A balanced diet is a must to make your skin look radiant and lustrous. A diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of your everyday life. Always be sorted with good food and a healthy lifestyle.

9. Eyes

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Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face and one cannot forget to take care of it. So, one should take special care of their eyes to avoid wrinkles and fine lines around or beneath it. Give special attention to your eyes by always applying eye cream at night. The one that contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber or honey is the best. An eye cream that contains these ingredients is ideal because it hydrates the eye area really well.

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