Fashion Trends 20 Unique Ways To Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta!

20 Unique Ways To Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta!

With so many weddings and functions to attend all the time, styling ourselves differently for each of them takes some serious thought and effort. How do we make our favorite ensemble for the wedding season -the lehenga choli- look different every time we wear it? Not everybody has the kind of cash to invest in different pieces for every occasion. So what then can we do differently with our lehengas? Styling with assorted accessories and draping our dupattas differently of course! For this very reason, we’ve compiled for you a list of easy lehenga dupatta draping styles that are trending to make things easier:

different lehenga dupatta draping styles

Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles:

1. Dupatta draped in saree style and open on arm

Drape your lehenga dupatta like a half saree and look your most elegant self in your favourite lehengas!

Dupatta draped in saree style

2. Dupatta over one shoulder and pinned to skirt at back with triangular pleats at the bottom

For ladies who don’t want to bare it all with their net dupattas; a great idea is to drape it diagonally on one shoulder in the front and then pin it to the back of your skirt, forming triangular pleats on the bottom. You can opt for a waistbelt for a more stylish drape!

Dupatta pleated draping style

3. Dupatta draped in a triangle or U shaped across the chest

Dupattas draped around the body with a V or U shaped front look extremely graceful too!

Dupatta draped in U shaped

4. Dupatta draped open over one shoulder and crossed over to the wrist

We love this majestic looking open drape on one shoulder and then crossing over from the front to the other side wrist!

Cross over from shoulder to wrist draping style

5. Dupatta draped like a cape

Drape your dupatta like a cape from behind, on both the shoulders. Extremely in vogue right now! This style is a favourite among celebs like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

Dupatta draped like a cape

6. Dupatta falling straight from one shoulder; other end tied onto the waist from behind on the other side

This is another favorite amongst everybody! Look like a royal in this style of dupatta drape.

one shoulder dupatta draping style

7. Dupatta in thin pleats draped diagonally from back to front

Thin pleats look extremely aesthetic on most lehenga designs. Try it out for your next wedding or family function. You’re sure to receive tons of compliments

Dupatta in thin pleats draped diagonally

8. Dupatta pleated on one shoulder

Such a simple draping style yet so classy and elegant! Keep your pleats a open at the bottom or shorten the length of your dupatta fabric in the front to go for a Gujarati style dupatta.

easy one shoulder dupatta drape

9. Dupatta draped open over one arm and then crossed over the chest in a diagonal

This stylish drape will keep you warm and cozy during the winter months. Don’t shy away, it looks incredibly unique and sophisticated!

unique dupatta drape

10. Dupatta draped in front with cowl gather

Cow gathers look extremely feminine and pretty with lehenga dupattas. Perfect for those who want to stay a bit more covered.

cow gather dupatta drape

11. Dupatta pinned to both sides and left open in the front

This style of draping dupatta on both shoulders and leaving it completely open in the front is so simple and yet so stylish!

front left open dupatta drape

12. Dupatta left open on one shoulder and gathered at the other in a diagonal drape

Loving this diagonal draping style that will leave everyone envying your style.

diagonal front open dupatta drape

13. Dupatta with pleats on one shoulder and cinched with waistbelt

Look chic with neat pleats on one shoulder and belted at the waist with a matching embroidery belt.

pleated dupatta cinched with waistbelt

14. Dupatta pleated over one shoulder and taken over the other side wrist

Another lovely draping style that looks extremely regal. Will make you feel like a woman again!

cross over to wrist dupatta drape

15. Dupatta draped over the back of both shoulders

Be a boss with this unique draping style over the back that looks so ultra-modern!

dupatta drape over back

16. Dupatta brought over the head to front of one side shoulder and tied to wrist

Look demure and pretty with this over the head draping style!

 over the head dupatta drape

17. Dupatta draped Sabyasachi style

Popularized by designer Sabyasachi, this style of draping lehenga dupattas is extremely voguish.

sabyasachi style dupatta drape

18. Dupatta taken over one arm and brought around from back on other side arm

Carry your dupatta with poise with this one shoulder draping style that is so on trend right now!

unique one shoulder dupatta drape

19. Dupatta worn over elbows

Look pretty as a picture with this dupatta drape over the elbows. You’ll have everybody turning heads at your confidence, for sure!

dupatta worn over elbows

20. Dupatta draped ‘U’ shaped over the chest, then brought over the head and on to the other shoulder

Go traditional with this over the head drape brought around and across the chest.

over the head and chest dupatta drape

Be sure to try out these draping styles and let us know how you liked them!


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