Monochromes And How To Style Them To Look Thinner!

When all those chocolate cakes, donuts and pizzas are tempting us on daily basis, it is hard to not gain a few pounds every once in awhile even though you’re working out. But they’re not exactly flattering, are they? And avoiding all the yummy food is quite painful too. So what do we do to hide those extra pounds? Well, monochromes is the answer. Here are the tips for you to look thinner in monochromes.

1. Monochrome to office

A lot of us have a strict formals-only dress code to work. This doesn’t have to be boring guys. In fact, this is highly beneficial. You can look sleek and stylish with the monochrome look. Invest in stripes, they do crazy magic. Also, make sure all the work clothes are properly fit and comfortable. When going for stripes, choose a thin, vertical striped clothes.


2. Cigarette pants and palazzos

If you’re bottom heavy, this is the right one for you. Choose the cigarette pants or the palazzos instead of skin-tight jeans or pants. These are not only comfortable but also very stylish. You can go for subtly printed tops while wearing these. This would create a balance between your outfit.


3. Accessorize right

One of the most important and tricky things while wearing monochromes is the way you accessorize. When going for jewelry, always choose very simple ones, like a pair of simple studs, or dainty stuff. Don’t go overboard with accessories to compensate for the lack of colors in your outfit.


4. Monochrome doesn’t have to be only black

You can go for solid colors, like dark maroon, blue or emerald greens. They have the similar slimming effects of monochromes. This way, you can be both colorful while looking thin too! However, do not go for bright colors. Rather, go for deep colors and you can even try color blocking like Katrina did here!


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