Buying Casual Ethnic Wear? Remember These Tips!

Ethnic wear is the best investment for an Indian woman. It is comfy everyday wear that is very comfortable. We all love salwar kameez and Kurtis as they bring out our inner beauty. It is also easy to carry out our day-to-day activities in these clothes. While shopping for casual ethnic wear, we can get swayed away by attractive ethnic stuff which we regret later. There are certain things we should keep in mind to avoid regular mistakes while trying out casual ethnic wear.

1. Avoid Casual Wear with Extreme Prints / Colours

We are very tempted to buy the pretty coloured kurtas or the kurta with the unusual print. But they stay in our wardrobe for the longest time as we do not have any everyday occasion to wear these. We might not be comfortable with these colours or prints after a while and you might feel awkward in it.

2. Avoid Too Much Bling

The glittery ethnic wear looks great on several occasions but it is not fit for everyday occasions. Do not invest in ethnic stuff that is too much bling as you would yourself cringe if you wear them to a casual party. Shiny fabric and glitter look great during weddings but these do not look good for every day wear so limit the flashy clothes in your wardrobe.

3. Don’t Give Attention to Impractical Trends

There are certain trends that are exaggerated and work well only during fashion events. These trends are not practical enough to be worn during everyday occasions. Do not give  attention to these unrealistic trends while buying casual ethnic wear as you will definitely not wear them any other time. Such trends are very temporary and you should buy something that you are comfortable wearing.

4. Pick Stuff That Is Right For the Season

Imagine wearing polyester in the scorching summers, it is the most impractical fabric for the season. So be wise and choose the right fabric as per the weather. The fabric choice for casual ethnic wear should be smart enough for the season. Do not buy the heavy fabric during summers and save it for winters. You can pick the woolen Kurtis in colder months to keep up with the weather based styles.

5. Don’t Splurge On Ethnic Wear!

The best advice any wise person would give you is not to spend too much on clothes. Trends keep coming and going and it is always wise to spend in parts on multiple things rather than spending everything on a single outfit. Style can be created with normal clothes also and there is no need to buy expensive branded wear every time.  The best thing about ethnic wear is that it is available in all budgets.

mistakes to avoid while buying casual Ethnic wearSo do take a note of all these points whenever you go out to buy ethnic wear.  Avoid the most common mistakes that women make at such shopping occasions.

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