7 Clever Ways to Recycle Old Silk Sarees!

It’s no secret as to how much Indian women love Sarees. C’mon, they’re everywhere. India has a great heritage when it comes to six yards of elegance. Sarees are graceful, classy and versatile. You can rock it for a party or tone it down when it comes to office wear. You may, however, be having a saree you once loved and don’t wear anymore or one that is out of fashion or has a tiny tear leaving it unwearable. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s learn how to recycle old silk sarees to make new outfits from them..

recycle redesign old silk sarees

Here are 7 clever and creative ways to recycle and refashion your old sarees:

1. Convert old saree into long gown or anarkali suit

We can never have enough dresses right? Pick up an old saree- silk, cotton or georgette and give it a refreshing makeover. You can rock it anywhere based on the material and style. Silk dresses or summery maxis- What’s your pick?

recycle old silk sarees to anarkali dresses

convert old silk sarees to dress
Saree to dress

2. Recycle Old Saree Into Lehenga or Half-Saree

You can make an exquisite lehenga or half-saree with a saree. Once you cut for the lehenga, you can use the borders for the dupatta and blouse. You can add sequins, statement pieces or motifs to make it stand out. Using contrast colours for the design will make you score high on the fashion quotient.

recycle old silk sarees

3. Reuse Old Saree By Making Kurta Out Of It

If the saree you chose is damaged or torn, you can get a kurta stitched with the remaining fabric. A silk or brocade kurta paired with palazzos, skirt or dhoti pants is surely a head-turner. It makes for a great ethnic addition to your closet. And, oh, value for money.

recycle old silk sarees to kurtas

4. Skirts are cool, you see

Comfortable and airy, nothing screams cool more than skirts. Get a skirt stitched from a Banarasi saree and team it with a white shirt, you have the perfect contemporary look. You can even convert a chiffon saree into a flowy skirt for a splendid look.

convert old sarees to skirt
Saree to skirt

5. Desirable Statement Home Decor

This has to be my personal favorite. Add grandeur to your home by using sarees for curtains, table runners, cushion covers and doormats. You can frame a part of the saree and it makes for appealing wall decor. Sarees add a personalized touch as well.

convert sarees into curtains
saree to curtain

6. Convert Old Saree Into Dupatta

Have an old saree with some great print or colour? Or maybe a pattu or zari saree? Make a dupatta from it. Silk and zari dupattas are trending and if an old saree can give you that expensive look, why not? Add tassels or pom-poms if you want to add some funkiness to the outfit.

recycle old saree to dupatta
Saree to dupatta

7. Innovative Kid’s Ethnic Wear

Aren’t kids a chip off the old block? Your loved saree can be a new outfit for your kids. For girls, you can get cute frocks, traditional skirts or gowns made from it. For boys, you can get an ethnic kurta and team it with jeans.

reuse old sarees to make kids lehengas and frocks

Now that you know the potential these sarees have, what are you waiting for? Raid your closet or your mom’s and unleash your creativity. Recycling is the best way to make the most of the old stuff. Turn your creative switch on and start customizing what you love into something you’ll love more.


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