Tips To Carry The Perfect Clutch With Different Outfits!

Handbags are a very important accessory when you are all dressed up. But, the only handbags that matter when you are dressed formally or traditionally are the clutches. Clutches are your best friends when it comes to parties and evening festivities. They are easy to carry and can make a statement too. Clutches are hassle free designer pieces that can up your glamour scale.

different types of clutchesLet us check out some of the clutches that have been the best accessories –

Black Clutch

A black clutch is a classic accessory that goes well with any attire and any color you wear. It goes well with formal gowns as well as sarees. Black clutches look awesome with black outfits, but they can also go well with other colors too.

black clutchesGolden Clutch

If you are wearing a white or a golden saree, there is no better clutch to carry than a golden one. A golden clutch can also be carried with western outfits like a gown or an evening dress. White, gold, beige and cream are the colors of outfits that match with a golden clutch.

golden clutchSilver Clutch

Silver is another metallic color clutch that will look absolutely elegant when carried with white, cream, silver or metallic colored outfits. Unlike golden clutches, silver ones go well with any type of outfits, both formal and casual and of any color.

silver clutchCustom Made Matching Clutch

Now is the trend of customization. Women, especially celebrities are getting everything customized right from their shoes to their clutches. You too can get a clutch that is made to order. It can be made from the material of your outfit or a similar one. It will match very well with your dress.

custom made matching clutchEngraved Clutch

Engraved clutches are also a rage. If you make a statement with your clutch, the statement on your clutch will take the look to an overall new level. You can get anything written on your clutch – your name, your spouse’s name, a phrase or just about anything. It is sort of cool and goes well with casual attires.

engraved clutchPurse Clutch

A purse clutch is the most used type of clutch. It is a purse and is hence very handy. You can carry it to dinner dates, luncheons, movie dates or coffee meets. They are comfy to carry and have a playful vibe. They go well with dresses, trousers and skirts too.

purse clutchPotli Clutch

If you are wearing a traditional silk saree, then there is no better option than to carry a potli clutch in your hand. It is the most traditional purse that you can take along with you for ethnic events like weddings and pujas. Usually the potlis are sequined and bejeweled as they are used mostly along with grand silk sarees.

potli clutchQuirky Clutch

A quirky clutch cannot be defined as it doesn’t have a usual shape or concept. It is sometimes in the shape of a camera or a bird or sometimes shaped like an animal. Such fun clutches don’t really go well with sarees or salwars. They are preferred with gowns or dresses.

quirky clutchThese are some of the clutch types that are used along with various types of outfits at different events.

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