Makeup Tips To Achieve “No Makeup” Look

Flawless skin, rosy cheeks and glowing skin are goals for every woman but it may not be possible to achieve them naturally. Some women may not like to show that they wear makeup to hide their flaws. These are some of the tips to achieve no-makeup look through minimum products.

indian brown skin no makeup look

The first step is to hide the marks, pores and blemishes on the skin. For this, apply oil-free sunscreen lotion or primer to hide the pores and flaws.

The next step in the no-makeup look is to avoid heavy foundation creams. Choose a BB cream (BUY HERE) or tinted moisturizer instead of foundations. The tip here is to apply with the fingers instead of a brush to achieve a natural look.

Apply some translucent powder(BUY HERE) on the T-zone such as nose, forehead and chin areas which are usually oily.

Makeup Tips To Achieve No-makeup Look


Use light reflecting concealer pens (BUY HERE) to hide the blemishes, dark areas and spots on the face. Use the shade nearer to skin tone.

Apply some cream blush (BUY HERE) in shades of pink, peach etc. based on the skin tone on the cheeks, forehead, chin etc. It’s better to avoid powder blush or shimmery blushes as it can bring a cake or shimmery look which is not wanted in a natural makeup look.

Apply lengthening mascara (BUY HERE) in brown or black to the eyelids. But only one coat after curling the eyelashes to give them a natural look.

Makeup Tips To Achieve No-makeup Look
Lengthening Mascara

Apply cream eyeshadow in pink, peach etc. based on the skin tone.

Give a shape to the eyebrows and fill in the gaps with eye brow powder. (BUY HERE)

Makeup Tips To Achieve No-makeup Look

For the lips, choose a lip gloss that is one shade brighter than the natural colour of the lips. (BUY HERE)

Ladies you got the tips, now try these tips to achieve a no-makeup look. This no-makeup look boosts up the confidence by defining the features of the face and by bringing a shine to the face.

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