Beauty Tips On Minimal Makeup For Office!

Tips On Minimal Makeup For Office!

Getting ready for office is an everyday routine and many women prefer to have a minimal makeup on their face so that it does not look heavy yet gives a fresh look to the face.

Tips for minimal makeup
Minimal makeup for office

These are the steps in a minimal makeup routine for office.

Tips for minimal makeup
Aloe Vera Gel

The first step is to apply a primer. In the minimal makeup look, we can choose either Aloe vera gel or a sunscreen lotion as a primer based on the skin type, weather conditions etc.

Tips For Minimal Makeup
Ponds BB cream

The next step is to dab some Ponds BB cream (BUY HERE) on the face and apply it all over the face.This cream acts as a foundation and covers the marks on the face as well as lightens the skin tone.

Tips For Minimal Makeup
Compact Powder

Take any compact powder and blend it with the ponds BB cream applied on the face. As there are different shades in compact powder, choose a shade that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Tips for minimal makeup

Choose grey eye shadow to fill spaces in the eyebrow and to define the eyebrows.

Choose any brown eye shadow to define the crease line.

Apply kajal to the eyes. This step is optional which suits well for ethnic wear.

Tips for minimal makeup

Apply mascara to the eyelashes. You can choose to curl the eye lashes with an eye lash curler and then apply mascara.

Tips for minimal makeup
Lip Gloss

Apply nude shade lip gloss to the lips or you can choose a tinted lip balm to keep the lip shade simple.

Tips for minimal makeup

Apply some rose shade blush on the cheeks and blend it with the compact powder. This gives a fresh look to the face. This step is optional.

This makeup looks good for office, college, interviews etc. This minimal makeup makes any girl or woman look elegant and fresh.

Try this minimal makeup for office, college, presentation in the office and look elegant, fresh.


  1. Thank You Anupama Gundu. I am a working professional from past 13 years and I am unaware of this.All these years, It’s just a small bindi on my face with no makeup..not even face powder.

    After trying the tips you gave, I still look the same but with a sense of pride & brightness , but very very fresh with this minimal make up routine you authored here.

    I am benefited by this article.


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