Fashion Tips How To Style Your Skirts This Summer

How To Style Your Skirts This Summer

Skirts are ladies’ favorite since a long long time. They are not only super comfortable but are also chic and stylish. And that’s why, they are best for the summer season. Here is a guide on how to wear the three types of skirts, mini, maxi and midi skirts this summer.

1. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are the best when your legs aren’t shaved and when you need something full to cover up. Since they are breezy, you can happily breathe in them even in this humid weather. Now, how to wear a maxi skirt, you ask? Multiple ways. Wear a long kurta on your cotton skirt, which will add the flair factor to your entire outfit. Or, for the summer, you can always style your maxi with a tank top or a crop top. If you want to add some edge to your appearance, add prints on prints. Yep, pair a top with polka dots on it with a floral printed maxi piece. Even better, get the flowy boho looking ones which are the best!


2. Mini Skirts

There is a notion that mini skirts are meant only for petite ladies. Nope, Look at Shraddha and Katrina slaying it like nobody’s business. You can always have a cute lace miniskirt that can be paired up with almost any top. Taking notes from Shraddha Kapoor, you can add a plain top, or for a formal look, add a blazer like Alia. Or get that cute college-girl look like Katrina. Also, they’re so airy and easy for summer and help you with the heat! 


3. Midi skirts

Midi skirts are a lot of people’s happy choice because of the comfort. They are not too small and not too big, which is why it is easier to handle them. Button down shirts, tank tops and crop tops look great with midis. You can doubtlessly wear sneakers with them too. However, if you’re petite, avoid the pieces that end at mid-calf, which can make you look midgety.



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