Colors That Are Going To Rule This Spring/Summer 2020

Like every year, the fashion forecast predicts colors that rule the upcoming season. In spring/summer 2020, the forecast consists of some vibrant color predictions that are going to be trending. Moreover, many of these colors were already spotted in recent fashion shows. And they looked simply phenomenal! To keep you up with the fashion world, we compiled a list of the 7 colors that are sure to rule throughout 2020. Update your spring/summer 2020 fashion wardrobe with these colors!

Spring/Summer 2020

Check out 7 color trends for the spring/summer 2020 –

Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet ColorMost people mistake this color as red. But if you look closely, flame scarlet is the deeper and richer version of the usual basic red. Flame scarlet is bright, sensual and fiery red that stands out immediately. It is a color that represents boldness, unquestionable confidence and exudes sexiness.

Saffron / Orange Peel

Saffron - Orange Peel color s 2020Orange peel or saffron is the next color on the block which is going to brighten up your spring/summer days. However, only a few people experiment with this color but once you do, we assure you there’s no going back! This shade is between mustard and orangish-yellow. And it is so fresh that it adds a sharp touch to your personality.

Biscay Green

Biscay Green Color Spring/Summer 2020Biscay Green is the fresh and cool color that would soothe your eyes and soul during the hot summers. This aqua shade falls amongst the marine blue, minty green and pistachio green hues. In spite of being a cooler tone, this color is definitely going to dominate over all the other hues on the runway. Fresh, cool and vibrant – Biscay green is a must-have shade in your wardrobe this spring/summer 2020.

Faded Denim Color

Faded Denim Just how a well-fitted jeans feel, this faded denim feels exactly the same – comfort and ease. This shade is often mistaken as powder blue, but the shade is literally the faded version of a denim blue. In fact, this versatile color can be easily teamed up with lighter hues as well as bright or darker toned colors.

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine YellowJust as the name suggests. The bright and vibrant sunshine yellow is perfect for spring/summer 2020. And this color is all about cheer, happiness, and pleasant vibes! There’s nothing as fun as wearing this pop shade in the beautiful spring season that oozes out freshness.

Coral Pink

Coral Pink Spring/Summer 2020 predictionA beautiful blend of coral + pink is such an underrated color! This soft shade is soothing, warm and has a charming feminine touch to it that you can sport both at day or night. This delicious shade of coral pink looks even more appealing and captivating on fabrics such as chiffon, satin, silk or tulle.

Sage Green Color

Sage GreenSage Green is the lighter hue of olive and it is a fresh color that many celebs are already experimenting with. This shade is subtle and richer and works great as a neutral hue that can be easily paired with. Also, there are a plethora of colors that go beautifully with this gorgeous sage green shade. Trust us, this shade gives a sleek, clean runway look with effortless styling.

So, these are 7 spring/summer 2020 colors that you will spot trending in the upcoming months. Which one is your favorite?

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